Kitchens: Which prices do you have to expect?

Kitchens are a costly purchase - the price therefore plays no small role in the selection. What prices you generally have to expect for a kitchen, and what price differences there are with individual types of kitchen, you can read in detail in this post.

Price factors for kitchens

kitchen size

For the price of a kitchen is first of all the size. That also seems logical - the more cabinets and the larger the body, the more expensive a kitchen usually is.

The cheapest are mini-kitchens, which consist only of a sink, a cabinet, and stove and refrigerator, usually superimposed. Such micro-kitchens are available from around 300 - 400 EUR.

The length of the kitchen is not the only decisive criterion. It is only there a comparison factor, where identical kitchens made of similar materials are compared.


The design for the price is crucial for kitchens. If you take out mini-kitchens, you can distinguish between the following types of construction:

  • Kitchens in line form
  • L-shape kitchens
  • U-shape kitchens
  • Kitchens with separate kitchen island

Kitchens increase in price in this order: a row kitchen is usually the cheapest kitchen, even L-shaped kitchens are still relatively inexpensive. The much longer U-shape kitchens are already much more expensive, and at the price top of the designs is usually the island cuisine.

Some recommended prices:

  • Row kitchen from around 900 EUR
  • L-shape kitchen from around 2.500 EUR
  • Island cuisine from around 4,000 EUR

Of course, the materials used here and the existing devices play a rather price-determining role - both must be taken into account in a comparison with. In addition, as already mentioned, the length of the kitchen.


In essence, kitchens use two different materials: plywood (foiled or veneered) and solid wood. Solid wood is the much more expensive option, as it is much higher quality.

For solid wood kitchens, prices may be very high, depending on the type of wood used. The most cost-effective in terms of solid wood is generally the pinewood commonly used.


Kitchens are usually offered with, but occasionally without equipment. In the case of integrated devices, one must always compare the prices very carefully and calculate - in many cases, different device variants with sometimes very clear price differences are available as an option.

There are also large price differences between brand name devices and no-name devices. No-name devices can be a cheap alternative - but you should always pay attention to quality and guarantees. While brand name equipment can often last for decades, low-value no-name goods often require the first (expensive) repair after just a few years, sometimes costly replacement very quickly.

Always keep in mind that bid prices often only apply with a specific configuration and device selection. If you want to change appliances, the overall price of the kitchen can often be disproportionately expensive. This is not worthwhile in many cases.

Maßküchen and Tischlerküchen

In addition to the fitted kitchens "off the shelf", there is of course also the possibility to have a kitchen made to measure - either by manufacturers with a corresponding offer or by the carpenter.

Price wise you are here but almost always very far above the usual kitchen offerings. From around 4,000 EUR you always have to count on the simplest kitchens to measure. Carpenter kitchens can quickly cost 10,000 to 15,000 EUR - often even with average equipment.

Right kitchen selection

In view of the price you should definitely think about when choosing a kitchen. In many cases, you can reduce the price of a kitchen by a clever selection.

Minimize kitchen size

Kitchens should always be planned and selected according to the size of the required storage space. Additional work surfaces can be created by other solutions if required:

  • Barlösungen
  • Equipment shelves
  • stove covers
  • provided tables or trolley
  • extendible cutting boards or kitchen extensions (but usually more expensive)

Another possibility can be to install individual devices in a tall cabinet above each other - such as oven and microwave. This can also save space and reduce costs. In addition, such a solution is often ergonomically advantageous.

modular kitchens

Modular kitchens are a pretty good solution, if you do not necessarily on a consistently the same designed kitchen value. In many cases, however, a modular kitchen can be significantly more expensive than a low-priced fitted kitchen of the same length. But you can make it more free.


If you are looking for a reasonably priced kitchen, you should always look for sample kitchens. Individual exhibits are often reduced by up to 50%.

However, the selected sample kitchen should fit in its size and features as possible from the outset to their ideas - adjustments are usually only very limited possible and often increase the price of the cheap exhibit very quickly.

Tips & Tricks

Even used kitchens can be an alternative - but you always have to be very precise here. Transportation and assembly and disassembly of the kitchen can certainly cause considerable costs and difficulties. Buying a kitchen is often much less expensive.

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