Maintain knives through proper use

The major part of the proper care of a knife is the proper storage. If knives are to remain sharp, they must be stored separately. Drought and dust-free are self-evident. Polishing and sharpening are highly dependent on the type of use and frequency of use.

Maintain during daily use

There are, of course, some basic behaviors that can be attributed to the proper care of a knife. This includes:

  • Cleaning after use
  • Dry after use
  • Use yielding cutting surfaces such as wood and plastic
  • Store dry
  • Protect the cutting edge against damage by bumping or whipping
  • Keep sharp knives individually
  • Corroded blades immediately rust

Fastest possible cleaning is necessary

To properly care for knives of all kinds is to leave them as soon as possible in a polluted condition. Many substances that land on knife blades in use permanently attack the metal. Therefore, cleaning the knife should always be done promptly after use.

With a movable knife with mechanics such as a folding knife or pocket knife, the care has to be taken to clean the entire structure. Dried resins are becoming increasingly difficult to remove after a long time. If a knife is not used for a long time, it helps to oil with a little bit of oil to avoid "standing damage".

Remove polish and sanding burrs

Even though the polishing of a knife does not matter for aesthetic reasons, it is advisable to use occasional polishing. It preserves the slipperiness of the blade mirrors by means of deeper cutting material and prevents light scratches from "grinding in" more strongly.

Very important and often forgotten after grinding a knife is the removal of the unavoidable grinding burr. Especially after sharpening a kitchen knife land otherwise the metal chips in the cutting material. In addition, they ensure a faster Wiederabstumpfen the blades.

Never in the dishwasher

Actually, for knives of all kinds, they have not lost anything in the dishwasher. If anything, cutlery knives can be cleaned without special demands on the sharpness in the machine without damage. Even steak and fish knives should never land in the dishwasher like all other knives. This also applies unrestricted to knives made of silver cutlery.

Tips & Tricks

Knives like soft, floating and non-contact locations. The storage areas have drawers lined with velvet with blade ramps, knife blocks and magnetic strips.

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