Learning to make knives, including forging yourself

A knife is often a companion for decades, if not a life-long liaison. The self-construction of a cutting tool additionally increases the individual and ideal value of the sharp companion. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland many knife makers offer courses to learn forging and manufacturing.

Organization and content of the courses

First, of course, it's interesting what kind of knife making is to be learned. What is common to all types of knives is the forging of a blade. Therefore, it is advisable to visit a forging shop both for the construction of a pocket knife, a folding knife or a kitchen, hunting or Schnutzmessers with fixed blade.

Most of the courses are designed for a specific type of knife and provide appropriate assembly techniques in addition to blacksmithing. In addition to the assembly techniques, courses are also offered for special metal and manufacturing techniques. Typical examples are damask knives and blades made of Damascus steel.

Costs and course duration

The general knife starts with the blade as the heart of the knife. Blacksmithing courses are usually offered in two-day workshops, often over the weekend. The prices of most providers are between 200 and 500 euros including the required material. Damascus steel will incur additional costs of 100 to 200 euros per knife.

In most cases, a finished knife is the goal of the course. If a folding or pocket knife, including the forging of the blade is made, the course duration usually increases to at least three days. The course costs amount to prices between 300 and 500 euros.

Provider in German-speaking countries

The following knifemakers offer courses and workshops on movable knife types and knives with fixed blade:

  • knife maker-at
  • alte-hammerschmiede.de
  • adelberger-messerschmiede.de
  • riegersburger-burgschmied.at
  • stahlwerk-berlin.de

The following vendors put the forging process in the center and usually give only general information on handle assembly and folding techniques:

  • messerschmiede-ruhr.de
  • schmiedeglut.de
  • atelier-graefenbachschmiede.de
  • schmiedekurs.ch
  • axel-neumann.de
  • lindenschmiede.de
  • schmiede-werkstatt.de
  • dorfschmiede.de

In the company museum of the manufacturer of the original Swiss army knife, a guided manual assembly of the own Victorinox can be carried out. Participation requires advance notification and costs a mid-double digit CHF amount. The Victorinox Internet portal swissknifevalley.ch contains more detailed information and the keyword manual assembly.

Tips & Tricks

When attending a blacksmithing course, make sure to follow the experts' recommendations on the required equipment and tools.

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