Acrylic-based trowelling technology

Acrylic-based paints and putties can be diluted with water and, above all, mixed and combined. You can also easily get hands and clothes back on an acrylic-based mass.

Acrylic paint - cheap and easy to work with

Especially for beginners, an acrylic-based product is easier to process than a synthetic resin paint, for example. Alone, when it comes to eliminating any stains on the floor or clothing, acrylic is still good for a while to remove with water.

Geometric patterns and templates

If you want to incorporate borders and patterns yourself in the spatula technique, the material acrylic is also easy to work again. Should something go wrong, you can immediately dab with kitchen paper and prevent the worst.

With a dab brush, the concentrate of the color, which one already uses on the large area, dab in the stencils.

For a geometric pattern, such as the meander pattern, you do not necessarily need a template, but this can be taped to the wall.

An acrylic-based putty can be thinned with water as described above. If you decorate the wall in a rather dark spatula work, you can simply make the mass slightly thin with water and then produce a very bright border with the same material.

Marble of acrylic paint

With hardly any material it is easier to fake the impression of real marble than with acrylic. As long as the impression is not perfect, you can always rework.

First mix a part of paint or putty in a very light gray and a small part in a slightly stronger gray from the base. These can then be spatially filled with the white mass on the wall.

At first you should not use much of the two shades of gray. These can still be reinforced later. However, if you have used too much of the dark tones, you have to wait until the surface has dried to revive the effect with white paint.

If you have decorated the surface as you wish, you can paint the grain on the wall with a fine brush. For this, the dark acrylic paint can simply be diluted with a little water.

Advantages of acrylic products

  • Convenient - both as a paint and as a filler
  • Stains are easy to remove
  • Good to work with
  • Easy to fix with small mistakes
  • After complete drying very robust

Tips & Tricks

You can even achieve a shiny marble wall with the acrylic paint. The polishing machine for the car is enough to make the wall shine.

Video Board: Venetian Plaster Basic Skip Trowel Application Video (short version) by Modern Masters