Impact dowels and nail dowels

Nageldübel - drill, hammer in, hold?

Impact dowels and nail dowels: impact

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Nail dowels, also called dowel pins, are a relatively recent development in the dowel market and allow a much faster assembly of objects on concrete or stone walls.

The trick is relatively simple: eggn specially shaped nail, which is more reminiscent of a screw on the outside, is placed in a plastic anchor sleeve in the hole and hammered with a hammer.

For Different mounting purposes, there are different lengths of nail screws, Depending on how far the nail screw has to protrude out of the wall afterwards, different lengths can be selected.

This article introduces the advantages and disadvantages of knock-in anchors, explains their uses, and provides practical tips for use.

Operating principle of the knock anchor

Impact dowels work on a very simple principle: When hammering the dowel, shown in the picture under point 3, The conical end of the nail spreads the dowel and pin him down the hole. The at the side of the Dowels located lamellae hook the dowel in addition and give him a firm hold.

The thread of the nail anchor and the screw head, usually as a cross slot serve not the assembly, but the disassembly: If the dowel is to be removed, it is turned out of the hole counterclockwise. Without this device, a nail plug could not be removed.

Impact dowels and nail dowels: impact

Types of nail dowels

Nail anchors are distinguished into so-called LSN / ZK (Long-steel nail dowel / cylinder head) and LSN / SK ((Long steel nail dowel / countersunk head).

The former are mainly for assembly in the technical field and for the Hanging pictures, lamps and the like. Here, the cylinder head protrudes and allows the attachment of objects or the insertion of screw holes.

LSN / SK are mainly for the assembly of Moldings, panels and panels Interesting. The countersunk head is thereby driven into the wood and is form-fitting to the wood surface.

Both nail dowels can be in Solid masonry, concrete and common gas concrete and lightweight brick construction use. For hollow blocks, it is also possible to use composite anchors with a so-called injection attachment.

Applications for knock-in dowels

Impact dowels can be used wherever a fast and uncomplicated, but not too burdened attachment of objects is needed. In contrast to conventional plastic screw plugs, the load capacity of a nail plug is slightly lower.

For example, they are ideal for fastening with knock-in plugs Substructures of wall panelsto be installed on exposed concrete walls or stone walls. Here, the holes are pre-drilled and then hammered the dowels. Even those who have to hang many large pictures, will be pleased about the quick installation with nail dowels.

For the Interior construction, especially in drywall, Nageldübel are suitable in many ways. Also for attachment of Lamps, trim strips and baseboards nail anchors are well usable.

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