It's easy to remove a pair of pegs

Ballpoint pen stains are among the stubborn stains, which must be met mostly with chemistry. But you do not need to buy any special chemicals - you are guaranteed to have your own home-based chemicals that can be used to loosen up your eyelinks.

Home remedies against ballpoint patches

  • hair spray
  • rubbing alcohol
  • nail polish remover
  • brush cleaner

What do these products have in common? They all contain solvents! This dissolves the dried-on paint particles as well as the resin content. Then they only have to be sucked out of the fabric.

Beware of colored laundry or cheap jeans! The solvents can not only solve the color of the pen but also those of your clothes. Therefore, you should first test on a hem on the inside, if the color of your textiles can withstand the treatment. If not, you can try a home remedy without solvents, such as

  • Toothpaste (rub on the stain, leave on, rinse - ready)
  • Citric acid or vinegar essence (apply as well as toothpaste)
  • Milk (soak in overnight, wash - done)

Remove instructions for buffing with hairspray, rubbing alcohol or another of the aforementioned remedies

1. Apply detergent

Spray hairspray on top of the bottle or put a few drops of rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover or brush cleaner on it. Let the medium take effect for five minutes.

2. Dab

Then dab the stain off with an absorbent cloth. So you should be able to absorb the color residues. If necessary, apply more detergent and dab until the stain disappears.

3. Wash out

Finally rinse your clothes under running, warm water and then put them in the washing machine.

If not a garment but the carpet or a piece of upholstered furniture was soiled, clean the surface after the stain treatment generously with water and some fit or heavy duty detergent and absorb the liquid with towels. The best would be a wet cleaning for the entire carpet or the sofa to prevent the formation of edges.

Kuliflecken on the wall

If your little ones have immortalized themselves on the living room wall, that is not a drama either: Simply put one of the above-mentioned solvent-based cleaners on the stain, let it soak in for a short time and then wipe it off with a damp cloth.
Beware of colored wallpaper or wall paint! First, test in an invisible location whether the wall color survives the treatment.

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