Cork laminate laid in a simple way

A cork flooring offers many advantages. It is a natural product that can be used particularly well in children's bedrooms, bedrooms and living rooms. There is finished cork flooring, which can be easily installed thanks to simple click connections. Alternatively, there are cork tiles that are glued over the entire surface of the substrate. These are very suitable for rooms with underfloor heating.

Use cork as floor

Cork offers many advantages as a floor covering or as a laminate floor. In the meantime, cork laminate is often used because it is particularly easy to lay, as is the case with a conventional laminate. Here are the benefits of a cork laminate:

  • Cork is elastic
  • The flooring has a heat-insulating effect
  • Cork laminate is also sound-absorbing and non-slip
  • As a natural product, cork is gentle on the joints and robust

Lay cork laminate in a simple way

Cork laminate is laid floating. The individual components of the floor covering are therefore not glued to the substrate. This is quite different with conventional cork tiles, which are provided with a special adhesive and then laid. In principle, the floor is laid similar to conventional laminate flooring. If necessary, a footfall sound insulation is required. The same applies to a vapor barrier, which may be required on different surfaces. Very important is the preparation. So the surface must be dry and level. Please note the manufacturer's recommendations. Unevenness of more than three millimeters per meter should be compensated with a suitable flow filler.

What to look for when laying cork laminate or cork flooring

When laying out the flooring obstacles occur again and again. These may, for example, consist of heating pipes that you have to cut out of the floor covering. The best way to do this is to use a circular cutter to saw through the panels in the middle of the tube openings so that you can then lay the divided piece around the tubes. Door frames must also be considered. It is best to shorten these so that the flooring can be laid underneath. For steel frames, you have a different approach. Here, the appropriate piece of laminate is cut to fit, so that it contains the contours of the frame and can be easily laid. Do not forget to have a matching skirting on the wall in the form of baseboards, which always have to be fixed to the wall.

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