Laminate design: structure and decor

Laminate design: structure and decor: structure

The term laminate and its use is already very old. Already since In 1920 there are laminates as window sills, worktops or wall panels, Only since 1980, with the high-pressure laminate, there was laminate to buy as flooring.

This was then generally glued and since 1996, anyone can lay his own laminate with click connection. Since then, much has changed in appearance, trend and structure.

While initially only trying to imitate wood, but this was very artificial, the trend goes today in all directions. Laminate is preserved Decor through a printed layer of paper and that's every design possible.

Laminate is available as rustic wooden floor, in tile look and even colorful in all colors and patterns, Borders exist only through the imagination of designers - anything that can be printed on images can also be printed on laminate.

Explanation: Longstrip, V-joint or 3-bar?

Likely terms in the laminate are Ship's floor design, V-groove and 1-, 2- or 3-bar, What does that mean?

Marine look:

Floorboards were almost exclusively in same lengths next to each otherto get from bar to bar in an easy way. At the bottom of the ship, however, the individual wood elements are arranged offset.

This seems more elaborate and stands out. Long Time was the ship's floor design already at the parquet for style and wealth, The ship's bottom design has its name from the ship floors, which were designed for technical reasons. Often it will Ship bottom design also as "English Association" designated.


Practical for cleaning is a closed smooth surface of the flooring. However, laminate is more natural and looks like real wood Panels with chamfers on the edges, When the panels are laid out to form a surface, they are created all bumps a little V-groove, What is a visual benefit, however, brings with the cleaning problems.

1-, 2- and 3-bar

The staff will be with individual illustrated elements on a laminate panel designated. 2-Stab says that two wooden elements are shown side by side on a panel. The more bars a laminate has, the smaller they become. Almost standard in wood presentation is the 3-bar laminate. This almost results always a harmonious overall impression.

The 1st generation: simple and bright

Laminate design: structure and decor: laminate

Longstrip maple

Like all facilities, laminate is also a trend and fashion. Great influence also has the technical possibilities. That's how it is Laminate initially quite simple and the wood appearance looks rather artificial.

Parquet seemed rather heavy and massive back then. Maybe the trend of the "1st generation laminate" was just going on therefore to light wood patterns, like maple or beech over. Due to the bright color and rather simple structure, it brought a new design to the floor.

A lacquer layer separates the surface from the design and the Appearance of the flooring, plays no role in the cleaning more. A bright floor that was no harder to keep clean than darker alternatives. The laying in the ship's bed pattern was popular, which has been maintained until today.

The 2nd generation: Plank 1-Strip and 2-Strip-Laminate

Laminate design: structure and decor: design

Longstrip cherry tree

The printing techniques improve and stronger colors and structures can be displayed more easily. The interior design becomes more adventurous and, above all, more colorful. It will therefore started, nobler woods, like oak, cherry, walnut but also exotic woods, like imitating teak and rosewood.

Changes also brings the 2-bar design, which makes the Wood appearance larger and the overall impression calmer becomes. Especially with laminate with strong colors and structures 1- and 2-bar is to be preferred. Thus, the plank with a consistent wood appearance is again preferred.

At the same time, the first designs are created outside the wood representation. The first Tiles and stone representations, such as slate, marble or granite arise. This gives laminate an even more elegant appearance.

The 3rd generation: Realistic wood patterns

Laminate design: structure and decor: laminate

Laminate campus oak

Synchronous pore pressure: enables surface structures with depth effect

Embossed-in-register: Relief patterns, structures and indented patterns make the reproduction of natural products more realistic

Hand-scraped look: natural hand-worked wood look

These are the terms that revolutionize the laminate in the late 1990s. The technology makes it possible and everyone wants it. Cheap laminate, which real wood neither in appearance nor in the feel inferior.

Now there are distinctive wood looks with deep structures and primeval appearance desired. The V-joint increases the real wood feel and laminate also conquers the rustic style of furnishing. Why invest in real parquet, if it is much cheaper possible with laminate.

There are no limits to the different types of wood. Regardless of whether classic maple, distinctive apple tree, varied beech or rustic oakEverything is produced and relocated. The possibilities are getting better and even unusual designs, such as hickory, bamboo or zebrano are imitated.

Even stone and tile decors are clearly better represented and Many slate or terracotta floors are called laminate laid.

The 4th generation: retro or 3D look?

Laminate design: structure and decor: look

Ash white whitewashed

Wood of all kinds and shapes with a realistic structure - everything is possible and no longer a special feature. The topic of "realistic wood" is almost exhausted and something new has to be done to impress buyers.

Make it possible new Printing techniques. Laser pressure and indirect depth pressure allow even more depth and more brilliant colors. It is colorful, varied and new-old.

Laminate design: structure and decor: laminate

Green / Electric Blue by Pergo

With new ones bold colors keeps the retro design the last decades also in the flooring collection.

Colors like green, yellow and orange are included combined geometric shapes and create a previously unknown depth effect. Now everyone can live their own taste in the flooring.

Laminate design: structure and decor: laminate

Laminate Orgo from Parador

But also wood will not be forgotten. But in order to implement new colors and new ideas, it is whitewashed, bleached, whitened, oiledt...

Every kind of woodworking is represented and sets new contrasts to simple wood reproduction, Above all, modern living room designs can be so well combined with wood.

More design with laminate floors

If you do not like wooden look or bright colors, but still want your own style, you will find it now many unusual and individual patterns and designs.

If Wood, tiles, marble, granite, colorful, printed wooden boards or even jeans opticsIn the end it is no longer the fancy wish that decides, but only the price. Anyone who is willing to finance their dreams can now fulfill almost every wish.

Laminate design: structure and decor: look

Laminate in tile look

Those who prefer simpler designs can now even resort to the industry look. With a Metal look, a simple smooth black area or a combination of both, today every wish is satisfied and every room design is possible.

Laminate design: structure and decor: structure

Laminate in wine box look

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