Laminate without impact sound insulation - is that possible?

When laying a laminate, many people wonder if a footfall sound insulation is even necessary. In this article you will learn how important the impact sound insulation of laminate is and why you should not miss it.

Significant noise pollution

If you opt for laminate flooring, laying without any impact sound insulation has serious consequences: each step is easily transferred to underlying rooms, adjacent rooms also suffer from the uninsulated impact sound. So who laid laminate without impact sound insulation, must live with significantly poorer living comfort.

Even minor soundproofing helps

To ensure high comfort, no exaggerated insulation is necessary: ​​even a simple impact sound insulation under the laminate helps to effectively isolate the noise generated by the following things:

  • kicks
  • Moving furniture
  • Falling objects

Of course, it varies from door to door, how good the footfall sound insulation of the laminate must be. If your house has a solid, solid footfall sound insulation system from scratch, you do not need to insulate the laminate as much as a poorly insulated building. Nevertheless, it is never advisable to lay a laminate completely without insulation.

The laying does not become more complicated

If you now think that impact sound insulation leads to an additional step in addition to the laying of the laminate, you can be reassured: many suppliers offer you laminates in which the impact sound insulation is already integrated. You lay your laminate as normal, while the sound insulation is already included.

Are additional costs incurred?

Of course, laminate with impact sound insulation is more expensive than without. While the price difference is usually low, the difference in comfort is huge: invest in well-insulated laminate to make life in your home carefree and enjoyable.

Sound insulation is also helpful for resale when using insulated laminate, as the topic of insulation plays a major role for most buyers. Without any or poor insulation, you have a bad chance of selling your property.

Tips & Tricks

Compare the prices of different laminates to get an idea of ​​the difference in price between footfall sound insulation. Of course, you should never forget the look: Because what brings you a well-insulated floor, if he looks bad?

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