Refresh laminate and get new shine

What good is the best laminate floor if the care leaves something to be desired and the floor gradually fades more and more. Only with the right care, he remains attractive for many years. But what if you want to freshen up an already neglected laminate floor? This is the subject of the following article.

Even a laminate floor needs regular care

If a laminate floor fades more and more over the years and gets stains, it should be refreshed. Although laminate is basically easy to maintain. But only with regular care will he stay in good condition for years to come. If it stays out and the floor is to shine in new splendor, there are several possibilities for this.

The care with the right means is important

There are various laminate cleaners in the specialist trade, which are very well suited for the regular care of your floors. However, they should also be adapted to the respective soil based on their ingredients. Coarser dirt can usually be easily wiped away with a cloth. It is important, however, to thoroughly dry the laminate floor after cleaning, as moisture can cause great damage if it acts on the laminate flooring for a long time. The typical laminate cleaning can look like this:

  • remove coarse dirt such as pebbles or other foreign objects with a broom or a vacuum cleaner with a suitable nozzle
  • Do a wet cleaning with a suitable agent
  • then dry the floor thoroughly
  • if necessary apply a care product

Refresh laminate properly and make blunt spots disappear

There are special cleaning kits available in stores that allow you to shine a new lease of life on a long-faded laminate floor. The cleaning agents are usually suitable both for regular cleaning and the basic cleaning of laminate surfaces. Dosing is usually relatively low depending on the degree of soiling, and cleaning is done with a thoroughly wrung-out cleaning wipe, avoiding stagnant water on the floor surface. If the soil is already severely attacked, the cleaning process may need to be repeated to achieve the desired result. Make sure when buying that means is also suitable for basic cleaning. Although some of the funds are suitable for the regular care of laminate floors, but not for their basic cleaning.

Targeted products made for this purpose bring back the shine

There are some manufacturers who use special formulations to give a special material a new shine. When purchasing a laminate cleaner, make sure that the product is suitable for your floor covering. If you are unsure about this, you can call on the help of a specialist or inquire at the specialized trade. When cleaning, however, always follow the principle: Always clean only damp and avoid stagnant water on the surface. Always wipe the cleaning cloth thoroughly.

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