Repair laminate - repair scratches in the laminate

Repair laminate - repair scratches in the laminate: scratches

Laminate is easy to care for and quite robust flooring, Nevertheless, it can cause damage, which not only look ugly, but may also be responsible for the following damage.

Since the upper lacquer layer the Ingress of moisture prevented, damage to this layer should always be repaired.

DIY stores and retailers offer for it Repair kits in different colors or for your own mixing on. This can produce many shades.

Still, you should be aware that it is just a wooden look almost impossible is to visibly repair damaged areas. However, the cleaner the work done and the better the color shade is achieved, the less repaired areas will be noticed.

Proper care and cleaning will help that Laminate long time beautiful and resistant remains.

Replace individual panels

In case of severe damage, the Possibility to exchange individual panels, However, this form of repair is very complex and often visible. Due to different stress and color bleaching, is a Exchange with new panels rarely possible.

It is therefore recommended to replace defective panels with other already laid. It should be ensured that they have approximately the same degree of wear and similar faded. In addition, the should damaged spot afterwards at one or not so clearly visible place.

If such a possible panel has been found for replacement, the laminate must be stretched from one side up to taken up and relocated to this position become. It is helpful to store the individual rows as such. This saves a lot of puzzling work afterwards.

What has to be considered in the new installation, is in our installation instructions for Click laminate.

Select the appropriate repair set

Repair laminate - repair scratches in the laminate: repair

Laminate repair kit mixed specifications

Repair kits are ready mixed in different colors or mixable in different shades, It is therefore advisable to have a piece of laminate at hand when buying. A to find suitable finished filling is difficult until impossible.

Therefore, it is better to mix the color itself. Therefore is there a base paste, which forms the base material and is responsible for the subsequent curing. In addition, this must be Base paste colored with color pigments become. Decisive is the basic color. There are, depending on the offer, for many types of wood.

Which colors can be mixed with it is on the Packaging indicated and can be compared well with the laminate become.

Mix repair compound

Repair laminate - repair scratches in the laminate: laminate

color Reference

If the corresponding shade is found, he can after the mixed mixing ratio become. Information on the packaging helps to quickly achieve the desired color.

In between, should be repeatedly compared with the laminate and corrected accordingly. Indeed Dry the repair compounds quite quickly and the process should be completed quickly.

Although it is advisable to use the spatula supplied for mixing, but your own experience advise against it. Remains on the spatula sometimes not properly mixed paste stick, which then manifests itself as a color deviation.

Therefore prefer to resort to other aids. On Strip sturdy cardboard or a piece of an old plastic wrap, are quite good tools.

Repair laminate - repair scratches in the laminate: repair

Mix laminate repair compound

When Mixing tray is suitable for a piece of stainless steel sheet, This can be easily cleaned afterwards and also sanded if necessary.

Fill in the damaged area in the laminate

Repair laminate - repair scratches in the laminate: color

Repaired laminate

With the supplied spatula is now the damaged spot filled and smooth pulled off, Please do not use a metal spatula, as this would damage the laminate.

On the other hand, a car disk scraper made of plastic would be very suitable. This offers a straight surface and is soft enough no scratch marks on the laminat to leave.

For protection, the Covered the area with the damage beforehand become. If the tape is removed, the edges must also be cleaned with a damp cloth.

This should be done very carefully to the Repair mass in the damaged area not to blur again.

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