Lay a laminate with impact sound insulation

If you want to lay a new laminate, you should opt for a variant with impact sound insulation. In this article you will learn why own contribution is worthwhile and why it is so easy to lay laminate with impact sound insulation.

Even embarrassing is worthwhile

Today, footfall sound insulation is usually already integrated in the laminate - which means that you do not have to worry about extra insulation. For this reason, buyers are increasingly opting for the laying of this flooring in-house - after all, this can save high labor costs. So if you want to lay your insulated laminate yourself, you only have to pay the cost of the material.

The sequence

When laying the laminate, you should follow a specific procedure in order to achieve a satisfactory result in the end. At the beginning you should make sure that the surface is clean, even and dry - otherwise the condition for the new flooring is poor. If the impact sound insulation is already integrated in the laminate, you can now lay the laminate directly.

There are several options: glue laying as well as a click system where you have to put together the individual panels is possible. In most cases, the individual components of the laminate are not yet tailored to the respective room - pay attention to precision when cutting, so that the result looks good and the impact sound insulation works properly.

If the insulation is not yet integrated in the laminate, an additional work step awaits you: before laying the laminate, the footfall sound insulation is laid separately, whereby you should also place emphasis on precise work.

The prices

The prices for laminate with impact sound insulation are lower than many people think: For around ten euros per square meter you get already simple models, higher investment in stronger insulation are of course possible. How thick the insulation must be depends on the type of house and the insulation of the house.

Tips & Tricks

You are not very experienced in craftsmanship and would like to lay your own laminate? Ask for advice from a specialist who will show you how to lay it, and how to make this work as easy as possible.

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