Lay laminate in kitchen - recommended

Again and again, the question arises of suitable flooring for the kitchen. The benefits of laminate are obvious - but it is problematic for the kitchen for several reasons. Why this is so, what alternatives there are, and what else you should think about, read in this post.

Advantages of laminate

Laminate is a very cost-efficient floor covering, which is very easy to lay even when floating. Average quality laminate is available in the trade from around 5 EUR per m² - no other floor covering is so cheap. The costs for laying are also gone.

Laminate is relatively easy to clean and easy to clean. Because of its widespread use as flooring, there are many different designs available in laminate - up to glossy variants.

Disadvantages of laminate in the kitchen

Laminate is very sensitive to moisture. Although the cleaning is not a problem in itself, because of the frequent soiling in the kitchen but there is a risk to bring too much moisture when cleaning on and in the ground and thereby damage it.

The same danger exists if the soil comes into contact with too much moisture through spills. In the kitchen, it can happen very quickly that something spills out or runs out - so the risk of damaging the whole floor is so great.

Moisture-proof laminate

For use in areas subject to humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens, special moisture-proof laminate has been developed which does not swell. In principle, these floors are indeed suitable to be used in the kitchen - but they are still not the best choice.

Again, there is a certain risk that moisture penetrates below the ground and collects underneath. This can also lead to damage. Moisture-proof laminate is often much more expensive than ordinary laminate and must be laid very precisely and professionally

Better suitable floors

The classic tiled floor is still the best alternative for the kitchen. If a rustic design is desired, it is also possible to use wood-look tiles or floor-plank tiles. In addition, vinyl floors can be a particularly cost-effective alternative, which is hardly more expensive than laminate.

Tips & Tricks

A good option for a flooring that is very resistant is also sanded and sealed screed.

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