Laminate on PVC can be laid without much effort

In almost all cases, the time-consuming removal and disposal of an old PVC floor covering can be dispensed with if the room is to be laid out with laminate. Since the laminate has inherent stability, the plastic bottom can also be relatively elastic. Please note, however, thermal construction conditions.

Impact sound and cutting test

In principle, any reasonably preserved old PVC flooring is suitable as a substrate for laminate. Similar to the laminate placed directly on the screed, consideration must be given to impact sound insulation. Since laminate is now almost always floating, usually laid in the form of click panels, the laying of cork or felt on the PVC is sufficient.

In order to perfect the flatness of the old PVC floor and to find any damaged areas in the subfloor, the ground should be knocked off evenly. For crunchy or crumbly noises, a cut of about ten centimeters helps with a cutter. When gently and gently lifting a PVC edge, the condition of the floor beneath the plastic can be checked with a flashlight and a dental mirror.

Should there be loose, crumbled or otherwise damaged areas in the PVC bed, the room can be sprayed with a cement or joint adhesive. Then the PVC is smoothed out with a heavy metal bar. Any small bubbles and bumps may be punctured with a chisel or cutter tip before straightening.

Switch off vapor barrier function

The biggest risk when laying laminate on PVC is the tightness of the plastic. If the soil is exposed to larger temperature differences, the non-existent diffusion can lead to condensation under the PVC or in the space between PVC and laminate. This risk mainly exists in basements and other floors directly adjacent to the ground.

There are tricks to disable this vapor barrier function of PVC. In principle, diffusibility can be created by small interventions:

  • In the PVC ventilation cuts are introduced, which are distributed about one meter apart in a check pattern over the entire floor surface
  • For existing joints, for example in PVC tiles or slabs, the joints are scratched out and exposed

Tips & Tricks

There are ventilation elements that you can integrate into your laminate. Cut the PVC under the mounting points with several small parallel cuts.

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