Painting laminate - is that even possible?

Home improvement is more popular than ever. Almost nothing the savvy handyman would not tackle. Of course, this also includes working with floor coverings. A widespread flooring is laminate. Because this floor covering can also come to an end for a variety of reasons, many do-it-yourselfers wonder if laminate can also be painted. Below we inform about laminate and if and how you can delete it.

You should not paint laminate flooring

Skillful DIY enthusiasts today take over almost all interior design and related renovation and renovation work. Of course, the laying of various floors such as tiles, panels, parquet or laminate. Because almost all floor coverings can be painted, many do-it-yourselfers also wonder if they can paint their laminate floor. Frankly, the answer is not easy, because it is "not really", but it is limited. For this it is important to know how laminate is constructed.

The construction of laminate explains why it should not be deleted

Laminate was invented at the beginning of the 20th century. However, this laminate was not yet suitable as a floor covering. Rather, it was used in the furniture industry or as a material for window sills. It was not until a Swedish company developed a process in the 1970s that gave the laminate enough resistance and abrasion resistance that it could make its triumphant progress as a floor covering. Due to the almost unlimited possibilities to print laminate in all patterns and colors and in combination with the attractive price laminate has gained an enormous market share. The basic structure of floor laminate is always the same.

  • topcoat
  • decorative layer
  • underclass
  • backing
  • counteracting
  • sound insulation

The heart of laminate: the carrier plate

Depending on the classification, not every laminate has the stated structure and may differ from it. The carrier layer is a carrier plate. On the underside of the Gegenzugschicht is attached. It should help that the laminate less torsion when entering or loading. On this mostly made of plastic or paper layer can then optionally be attached a footfall sound insulation. The carrier plate itself consists of HDF (high density fibreboard) or MDF (medium density fibreboard). On high-quality laminate is located on the top of the support plate, an underlayer, also called Underlay.

Paper soaked in melamine resin forms the laminate surface

This is usually a soaked with melamine resin paper layer, which is to protect the support plate in addition (against twisting and pressure points). The decorative layer is actually a decorative paper that can be printed as desired. Then the cover layer or the overlay is applied - also a paper layer that is so thin that it is transparent. This top layer is also soaked with melamine resin. Both layers, ie overlay and decorative paper, are then glued to the carrier plate. The upper layer has a thickness of about 0.2 mm, and the decorative layer is not much stronger. Melamine resin in turn is nothing more than a synthetic resin.

Paint very hard surfaces: sand or special bonding agents

If you want to paint laminate now, you have to work a very hard surface of melamine resin. That should therefore be sanded actually. However, this is not possible due to the low strength. But there are primers and lacquers that can be painted on particularly smooth and non-absorbent surfaces. Do you want to use such a product - for example, there are such adhesion promoters for tiles with glaze - take a high risk. The primer or the paint then reacts possibly with the resin and it can lead to harmful vapors. Formaldehyde can still be found in old laminate floors.

Lacquers for laminate: better suited for furniture laminate than floor laminate

Now there are some paint manufacturers who assure that they offer good products that can easily be painted on laminate. However, these products are not really developed yet (consider the legal change to water-based paints). In most cases, these paints actually adhere to the laminate and there are no reactions with the resin in the laminate. However, these products do not have the required abrasion resistance that a floor finish paint should have - especially when it is a heavily used laminate floor. Here, laminate floors are preferably used where it comes to such a high stress.

Tips & Tricks

So whether you really want to paint your laminate floor, you should really think very well. The lacquers suitable for laminate are expensive and are best painted on laminate furniture, but not on laminate floors. If you do not achieve the desired long-term result, as you might expect with laminate, the costs of tearing out the laminate and re-laying another floor will be added as well. It will probably be more rewarding and not significantly more expensive to lay a new laminate floor. Of course, you will also receive instructions for [laying laminate] in the house journal.

Video Board: How to Paint a Laminate Surface