Use laminate as an alternative wall covering

Laminate is by no means only a very popular, robust and varied flooring for the floor. In principle, you can use the laminate floor to cover a wall with it. There are several ways that you can do it easily and get a good result.

What materials you need for this project

Without suitable materials, the project certainly does not work properly. To attach laminate flooring or panels to the wall, you should have some tools and other utensils handy. In addition to the laminate itself, you still need the following things:

  • Ruler, pencil and jig saw for cutting the laminate floor before processing
  • Bats and hammer
  • a corresponding substructure to prevent mold growth in the form of construction slats including dowels and screws
  • Joint glue for a stable wall cladding and assembly adhesive
  • a suitable base including screw clamps for the preliminary connection of individual parts before wall mounting

How to mount the laminate on the wall

Of course, attaching the laminate to the wall is much more difficult than using it as a floor covering. It is very important that you measure the surfaces accurately beforehand and take into account recesses for sockets and light switches. Then it goes to the substructure in the form of wooden strips, which must be attached to the wall before attaching the laminate. Afterwards you have to connect the individual panels together. This is best done on a level surface (for example, an OSB board). Before plugging together, apply some joint glue. Do this as if you were laying the laminate on the floor. Without this glue, the laminate will not stick to the wall.

More tips for the assembly

If you want to cover larger wall surfaces, you should do it piece by piece, divide the total area and make several single sheets of laminate before attaching them to the wall one by one. A good idea is to connect these individual segments, for example, with decorative strips. Please wait with further steps until the joint adhesive with silicone has completely dried. During assembly, the appropriate assembly adhesive is used, which is usually applied to the mounting slats on the wall in a punctiform manner. If you put the prepared laminate floor data on the wall, you should spend at least a full day before loading the panels in any way.

Proper procedure gives you a nice result

If you follow the individual tips and proceed carefully at work, you get a very individual wall covering, which not everyone possesses. It is quite different from traditional wallpaper or other types of wall coverings that are usually used for this purpose. Above all, it is a very durable wallcovering that can be made with the help of laminate.

Product Image: New Africa / Shutterstock

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