Crochet the lamp yourself

You want to bring new light into your living room? Then crochet yourself a lampshade! A crocheted lamp is original and lets a lot of light into the room. Here are some nice ideas for crocheted hanging and floor lamps.

"Crochet" an existing lampshade

The easiest way is to simply apply a crocheted screen to the existing lampshade. This will save you the trouble of creating a solid substructure for your Häkellampe. Alternatively, you can buy a cheap paper lamp and crochet a cape for them.

Create a substructure

If you want to create a completely new lamp, you can build your own wire substructure. This is especially useful if you want to build a cylindrical lamp. Made of wire you turn two rings, which are pressed up and down in the crocheted lamp and give her support. U.u. the wire has to be sewn in a little bit. Then come up two more cross wires for the bulb holder and finished is the substructure.

Make the crochet stiff

If you want to hang your lampshade without any substructure, it is possible to make the crocheted using a caustic solution. For undiluted Wäschesteife or a self-made lye of sugar water is suitable. In it you bathe your Häkellampe generously.
It is also advisable to then tension the lamp for a few hours so that it retains its shape. You can do this for example with wire two rings (in the case of a cylindrical lamp) and attach to the inside of the lamp.

From coarse mesh over fine mesh to figures

When crocheting your imagination knows no bounds. Just measure carefully beforehand so that your crochet lamp also fits on the frame or the ground. Depending on how much light should fall through the mesh, you should opt for broad or fine stitches. If you e.g. A colored or a very dark light bulb will hang in the lamp, rather rough stitches are more useful. However, if you are going to hang a very bright light bulb, fine mesh is more advisable.
You should also decide whether you want to completely wrap your lamp or only part of it. So you can, for example, leave the lower part open or, if you use a paper lamp as a base, even crochet only a kind of scarf and wrap it artistically around the lamp.

Tips & Tricks

Nice to look at are bottle lamps with a crochet suit. Simply crochet a "dress" on a wine or other bottle and put it on the bottle. Then only the bottle has to be converted to the lampshade. You can find out how it works here.

Video Board: How to make a Crochet Lamphade | Anchor Wrap it