Tinker lamp made of paper

Maybe you made lanterns as a child. Then you know that it is not difficult to make a lamp out of paper. Here's how to do it step by step.

Step by step to the homemade paper lamp

  • thin cardboard
  • Glue
  • lamp rings
  • several sheets of paper as a template
  • strong, transparent adhesive strip
  • scissors
  • pencil

1. Make a template

First, paint on the stencil paper the basic shape for your lampshade. If necessary, glue two sides of paper together with tape to get the size you want. The shape should look like an inverted bridge, that is, two parallel arcs (the upper one smaller than the lower one) connected by a slightly oblique straight line. The arch at the top should be slightly longer than the circumference of the upper lamp ring, the arch at the bottom slightly longer than the lower lamp ring, leaving room for overlap.
Cut out the template and shape a lamp. Do you like the shape? If not, try again with a few changes.

2. Tinker lamp

If you are satisfied with your floor plan, lay it flat on the construction paper and transfer the shape with a pencil. Cut them out and glue the overlap together. Make sure that the lamp rings fit in the top and bottom of the screen. Then attach the rings around with adhesive tape and cut off any excess paper.

3. Decorate the lamp

Now you can decorate your lamp as you like: Make small pieces of cardboard such as ladybugs, butterflies or other and stick them on your screen. Or paint your umbrella as you like with watercolors.

4. Assemble the lamp

Finally, screw the lamp holder and the bulb into the shield and secure it.

Lamp without lamp rings

The lower lamp ring can also be omitted with very stable paper. It only serves to give the lamp stability and shape. If you do not want to buy lamp rings, you can make these out of wire yourself. How exactly this works, you will learn here.

Attention: fire hazard!

Do not use incandescent bulbs which heat up strongly and ensure that there is sufficient distance between the bulb and the lampshade so that the lampshade will not heat up.

Tips & Tricks

Use colored translucent paper instead of construction paper! How to achieve beautiful lighting effects!

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