Sew the lamp yourself

Sewing a lamp is not that difficult and you have an incredible range of options. Here are some tips and tricks to make your self-made lamp look as professional as possible.

The frame for the lamp

A lampshade always needs a frame to be shaped. This frame can either consist only of wire or lamp rings or be a lampshade lampshade (also with wire frame), which is covered with fabric. For a self-sewn lamp both variants come into question, whereby it is easier in the latter option to bring the lampshade in the right shape, so that he throws no wrinkles. How to make the frame yourself (with or without foil) is explained in this article: Making lampshades.

Sewing tips and tricks on the lampshade

  • When choosing the fabric, consider two things: Does the fabric match the decoration and furniture in the room? Does the fabric allow enough light to pass so that the lamp provides enough brightness? Please note that the lamp foil that you use as background will additionally darken the brightness a bit.
  • You can sew figures and shapes on your lampshade as desired, but bear in mind that the seam will be visible when the lamp is switched on. Therefore, sew as clean as possible and glue figures that can be glued.
  • They should add one to two centimeters of supernatant above and below. Replace this supernatant later and glue it to the inside of the lamp. Again, apply: Cut the edge clean and straight! Irregularities can be seen with the lamp switched on.
  • The sewn cover must be taut so that it does not wrinkle. Sew it so very close, so he just fits over the lamp film.
  • There are two ways to put the cover on the lamp foil: you can sew it on and put it over it. In this case, great precision is needed when sewing. Or you just glue the fabric on the foil. This has the advantage that the fabric can not wrinkle. It's best to glue it firmly before you mold the lamp foil.

Tips & Tricks

Also, a paper lamp can be embellished with sewn elements: Sew figures or shapes such as owls, birds, circles or the like made of lightweight fabric and stick the elements on the rice lamp.

Video Board: How to Recover a Lamp Shade with Fabric