Build lamps and lights yourself

Floor lamp, hanging lamp, table lamp and wall sconce

Build lamps and lights yourself: yourself

To feel comfortable in your own four walls, the lighting of the rooms is very important. The type of lamp and the light intensity vary from room to room and should be adapted to the requirements.

So a dim light makes little sense in kitchens or work rooms. In the living room and bedroom, on the other hand, they spread the appropriate relaxing atmosphere. We have put together a collection of different lamp types for DIY.

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Contents: Build lamps and lights yourself

  • Build hanging lamps and ceiling lights yourself
  • Build table lamps and floor lamps yourself
  • Build wall lamp yourself

Other craft ideas

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  • sofa
  • wine shelf
  • water bed
  • cabinets
  • coffee table
  • office furniture
  • kitchen furniture

Build hanging lamps and ceiling lights yourself

Concrete hanging lamp [PDF]

Instructions for casting hanging lamps made of plastic balls and mosaic soft glass.
at Opitec

Ceiling light from 3 desk lamps

Idea for an original ceiling lamp from 3 IKEA desk lamps
at Apartment Therapy

Design light

Instructions for a stylish ceiling light
at Obi

Suspension lamp made of acrylic glass

Instructions for a designer acrylic lamp for advanced home improvement. Illustrated manual.
at Westfalia Versand

Ikea DeathStar lamp

Detailed crafting instructions for the construction of a Death Star pendant lamp from the Ikea lamp IKEA PS 2014.
at Spencer Brinkerhoff III at YouTube

Hanging lamp

from wine glasses
at building-world

Cool suspension lamp

Blueprint for a ceiling lamp made of acrylic glass with video instructions
at Bosch-do-it

Hanging lamp

from colored PET bottles
at Expli

veneer lamp

Crafting idea for a self-made light made of veneer strips
at Living at Home

Hanging lamp

Exceptional lamp made of preserving jars.
at WawerkoSprache: German

LED ceiling lamp

made of Plexiglas
at WawerkoSprache: German


with 9 lamps
at WawerkoSprache: German

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Video Board: DIY Desk Lamp with Color Changing LED Light