Make the lampshade yourself: The big overview

The selection of lampshades is huge. They come in different shapes, colors and materials. With little effort you can make your own lampshade DIY. We give you an overview of the world of lampshades and the possibilities for DIY.

Lampshades can be made of glass, paper, metal, fabric or plastic. Alternative lamps are also available in natural materials such as coconut wood, willow wood or other large legumes. These are then usually provided with carved patterns and decorated with glass stones or other, to achieve beautiful lighting effects.
For self-construction, materials that are easy to process, such as paper, fabric or slightly bendable branches, such as, for example, are best suited. Pasture. You just need to soak the bendy branches (to make them smoother) and then easily braid a lampshade out of them. Make sure you have plenty of room to replace the light bulb and wrap the socket with the lampshade!

  • If you can sew well, you can easily sew a lampshade yourself. How to do this, we explain in this guide: Sew the lamp.
  • Very popular are currently felted objects. Even a felt lampshade is a real eye-catcher and very easy to make yourself. How do we explain in this guide: lamp felting.
  • Even crocheted, a lampshade looks great! How to do this you will learn in this guide: Crochet the lamp.
  • Of course, the simplest and fastest way is to make a lampshade out of paper. In it also have children your joy. Here are some nice ideas: Make lampshades out of paper. Then you can still paint these lampshades great.

Currently, circular lamps made of stripe or wool are particularly modern. You can easily build such lamps yourself. Here is a DIY guide:

Instructions for a lamp made of stripe or wool

  • brush
  • Container to mix the paste
  • Scissors or pointy staff
  • Glass with lid, in which the complete ball of wool or stripping ball fits
  • needle
  • felt-tip pen
  • rubber gloves
  • balloon
  • Wool or stripe in the desired colors, 50 to 150m depending on lamp size and thickness of the thread
  • paste

1. Preparations

Lay out your workplace generously with newspaper or (even better) with cover foil. Then mix the paste according to instructions in the glass. Use a pair of scissors or other sharp object to puncture a hole in the lid.

Then inflate the balloon to the desired size. Use a felt-tip pen to mark the recesses for the lamp socket and the hole below to replace the bulb. It is best to place the lampholder on the top of the inflation hole of the balloon and surround it to have the optimum size. You can be a bit more generous with the notch on the other end. These two places must not be wrapped with a string!

2. wrapping

Now dip the string into the paste and mix it with a spoon so that the string can pick up the paste. Keep the stripping end in your hand! Then insert it through the hole in the lid and screw the lid onto the glass. Now you can start wrapping the balloon gradually. Pull the string out of the glass piece by piece. Be sure to wear gloves! Take care not to wrap the openings with string at the top and bottom!

Tip: Pretty nice, if you combine several colors, e.g. Red with orange or blue with green.

Allow to dry and assemble

When you have reached the desired opacity, allow the balloon to dry in a well ventilated place for at least 24 hours.

When your future lampshade has dried, you can use a needle to prick the balloon and get it out.

Finally, all you have to do is attach the lamp holder and hang a light bulb. Your own lamp is finished!

Unusual, simple lampshade ideas for DIY

You can actually use almost anything that can be put over a light bulb as a lampshade. However, you should make sure that the light bulb is not on the screen and in flammable materials You should use a light bulb that heats up little. If the lampshade is heavy, you should also make sure that the cables are adequately anchored.
Here are some suggestions for very unusual lampshades:

  • Lampshade made of bottles
  • The hat as a lampshade
  • An inverted flower pot (plastic or clay)
  • An umbrella without a handle
  • A chandelier made of spoons, whisk or other kitchen utensils
  • Mini incandescent lamps in muffin cases
  • A wicker garden basket
  • A globe

Tips & Tricks

Search for pictures of lamps on the Internet and then easily make up your favorites with the methods above. Be creative and mix different ideas!

Video Board: How to Make a Large Lampshade