Paint the lampshade: with which colors?

A monochrome lampshade can become boring with time. But you can simply spice it up by painting your lamp. What you should pay attention to and how to proceed step by step is explained below.

Which colors for which lamp?

Rice lamps and lampshades made of paper

Rice lamps are very popular, as they are quite cheap and usually quite large and white. Painting is fun especially for children. You can use any color to paint a rice lamp or a paper lamp, but the simplest and most environmentally friendly is to use water color or finger paint. Remove the bulb for painting and remove the lampshade!
Also, be careful not to apply too much water to the lamp as the thin material may otherwise crack.
Instead of painting the lamp by hand with a brush, you can also color it completely or, e. fold up and let paint run over the closed shade, creating a kind of batik pattern.
Or you can use spray cans and finished paper stencils. Fix the stencils with very little adhesive tape on the lamp and then spray the screen. The result: beautiful figures stand out from the colored background.

metal lamps

For painting metal lamps, you should use special heat resistant paint for metals. These are available for painting or in a spray can. Buy two different colors in a spray can: with one you spray the entire screen, so to speak as a base and with the other set beautiful accents, where you can also use stencils or simply use the spray effect as such. Remove the bulb and the lamp holder and spray outdoors and on a newspaper surface.

glass lamps

For painting glass lamps, you should use special glass paint. On glass lamps particularly filigree figures, landscapes and patterns are interesting. Use that the lamp is translucent! Make a sketch on paper and attach the paper to the inside of the lamps with some adhesive tape. Already have a template.

Tips & Tricks

Combine color and paper! Glue sweet, crafted figures made of thin colored paper onto your lamp and crown your creation with beautiful background paintings, such as Landscapes, trees, clouds etc.

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