Renew the lampshade: that's all possible

Your lampshade is yellowed, broken or just not modern anymore? But then you do not have to throw away the lamp immediately. There are many ways to renew a lampshade. In the following, please read which are and what to pay attention to when replacing the lamp.

Paint wire frame

In an old lamp, the wire frame is often rusted or struck. To give the lamp a completely new look, you should also renew that. To do this, remove the lampshade and - if possible - remove the wire frame with the lamp rings. Maybe these are simply attached with adhesive tape, which should be replaced anyway. If you can not remove the frame, it is a good idea to lay the inside of the lamp with newspaper and carefully paint the frame with a metallic paint. If you can remove the frame, this has the advantage of making it easy to get anywhere and repaint the frame completely.

Replace the lampshade

Depending on which material your glider is made of, there are different rehabilitation techniques available:

  • You can simply paint a metal lampshade with a new layer of heat-resistant paint.
  • A lamp made of glass can be thoroughly cleaned under the shower and paint any paintings with a delicate brush and glass paints.
  • A fabric lampshade may have several situations: If the fabric is torn, you can sew the tear with fine stitches. The disadvantage here is that the seam is likely to be seen when the lamp is turned on. Another variant is simply to cover the crack by e.g. Glue ribbon tapes vertically or horizontally over them. Fix several cloth bands at equal intervals and you have a nice new lamp.
    If the fabric is old and yellowed, you should relist the lampshade. How to do this is explained in this guide: How to get a lampshade.
  • A broken lamp made of paper can try to glue, but that's usually not worth the effort. Make a new paper lampshade, as described here.

Tips & Tricks

Even if the lampshade is torn, there is hope: With a bit of luck, the crack can be glued so clever that it is no longer visible after the repair. You can find out how to do that here.

Video Board: How to: Fancy Lampshade Makeover DIY