Repair the lampshade: That's how it works

Your lampshade is torn? Or the fabric is broken? Often you can repair a broken lampshade. In the following, we explain the possibilities of repairing damage to the lampshade.

How hard is the damage?

First, you should realistically assess the damage: how much is the lampshade damaged, and is it really possible to fix it, or should you think of it now? Can be repaired tears of the lamp foil or the substance, even in several places. Hard to repair is the damage when parts of the film have been torn off and gone. And not to repair is e.g. a molten foil.


Before you fix your lampshade, you should definitely pull the plug or unscrew the fuse and remove the light bulb and at best the lamp holder. Then you can remove your lampshade and repair it perfectly.

1. With transparent tape

If the lampshade foil is torn, you can fix this with tape. To do this, clean the damaged area with a little bit of fit and water and let it dry. Then cut off a sufficiently long strip of tape.

Important: The adhesive strip will be visible when the lamp is switched on! Therefore you should let him become part of the decoration. As the? Glue the strip perpendicular to the inside of the shade over the entire length of the lampshade (or width if the tear is horizontal).

Glue at regular intervals (measure them beforehand so that all stripes are equidistant to each other) with more adhesive strips perpendicular to the inside of the lampshade.
Voilà: Your new, striped lampshade is ready.

2. With transparent adhesive film

Buy a heat-resistant adhesive film. This should be as transparent as possible, unless you want to give your lamp a new color. Thoroughly clean the inside of the lampshade with a degreasing agent to keep the film well.

Gently and evenly glue the foil to the entire inside of the shade. Make sure that no bubbles or wrinkles arise, because otherwise they will be visible later when the lamp is switched on!

3rd fabric torn

If the fabric is broken, only one thing remains: sewing. Since the seams are visible when the lamp is switched on, the lamp is more reminiscent of a Frankenstein lamp. A nice alternative is to tape or sew a wide band over the damaged area. If the crack runs vertically, you can attach several ribbons and conjure up a pretty striped lamp.

Tips & Tricks

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