Folding the lampshade: This is how you make your own folding lamp

A folded lampshade is a real eye-catcher and above all it is very easy to make. In the following you will learn step by step how to fold your own lampshade yourself.

Fold a lampshade step by step

  • Stable clay box
  • wire
  • adhesive
  • sample paper
  • punch
  • Pliers or wire cutters
  • pencil
  • scissors

1st floor plan

Use a pencil to apply the floor plan for your lampshade to a sample paper. The floor plan should have the shape of an inverted bridge: two parallel arches connected by two slightly oblique (approximately 45°) lines. The distance between the two arches is the same as the length of your lampshade. The bows should be too long rather than too short: you can still cut them later. In addition, you will need about twice as much paper as you can to fold without folding. Cut out the floor plans.

2. Wrinkles

Fold the paper like a harmonica, pressing the creases very clearly and firmly at the top. Below, you can stroke it more easily. The strips should all be the same size and have a width of one to two centimeters. Now make a lampshade by holding the two vertical ends together, gluing or stapling and holding the upper part a little bit closer together than the lower one. Check if you are satisfied with your prototype. If so, cut out the same shape from your board and repeat steps one and two.

3. Punching

Now the entire floor plan is folded and you have a single (very high) strip of folded paper in front of you. Take a punch and punch the entire stack about one centimeter from the top. You may need to divide the stack into pieces if your punch does not do it all at once.

4. Pull wire through

Then pull the wire through the hole and form a ring. For greater stability, you can thread the wire twice through the holes and wrap the two wires around each other.

5. Finish the lamp

Now unfold the harmonica and arrange the paper evenly on the ring so that the lower part is wider open than the upper one. If you want a little less wrinkles, you can now shorten the carton. Then glue the vertical ends together. If necessary, you can fix the paper to the wire ring with some nail polish, glue or similar.

Finally, all you have to do is install a glass lampholder into the top ring. Be creative and try several variations!

Video Board: How to Fold a Large Origami Lampshade