Land with contaminated sites - what you should consider

Lands with contaminated sites are often offered quite cheap. The supposed bargain can turn out to be a massive cost trap in the end. What you should always pay attention to in contaminated sites, how to recognize contaminated sites, and what to pay the owner, read here.

Recognize contaminated sites

Land may have contaminated sites. Contaminated soil can be present for various reasons:

  • it was handled in a previous use of the property with hazardous materials
  • In the past, businesses such as gas stations or factories used to be on the property
  • A landfill was formerly operated on the property

Find out about contaminated sites

Basically, there are two ways to find out a burden on the property: on the one hand, the contaminated land register, on the other hand, a thorough soil examination. The soil survey is always the safer method - the contaminated land register does not always list all polluted and suspected land plots, as contaminated sites are only entered there on the basis of historical surveys.

The register of contaminated sites can always be viewed "with justified interest" or request information.

B cases

The B cases entered in the register of contaminated sites are such sites for which there is no concrete need for action. This can change during a turf but under certain circumstances. Then it may be that despite the classification may require special measures from the builder:

  • competent accompaniment of earthworks and demolition work
  • special disposal of soil and excavation
  • detailed ground investigations in advance and subsequent planning of further measures

Disposal of contaminated sites

In principle, the previous owner who caused it is responsible for the disposal of the contaminated sites. In many cases, however, this user can no longer be found or held liable for costs, because pollution has been going on for many decades. Anyone who sells a contaminated property, must always provide comprehensive information on the sale.

Tips & Tricks

Contaminated sites may not be known to the seller at all. For safety reasons, it should always be agreed in the notarised purchase contract that if any contaminated sites arise, the previous owner will pay for the refurbishment costs. These costs can well be in the six-digit range - so it is a good idea to be careful enough at this point.

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