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  • A laser rangefinder measures a distance in seconds with the aid of an emitted laser beam and displays the acquired data on a mostly illuminated color display.
  • With a high range (often 60 to 80 m) and an enormous accuracy (often only +/- 1.5 mm deviation) rooms can be measured very quickly. In addition, the laser measuring devices often relieve you of the calculation of areas, heights or volumes.
  • If you want to avoid measurement errors and save time, you should invest in a laser rangefinder. Especially for the calculation of living space - e.g. to calculate the rental price - measuring with a folding rule is no longer up-to-date.

Laser rangefinder comparison 2018: rangefinder

Optical distance measurement

Laser rangefinder comparison 2018: rangefinder

The Measurement by means of light takes place in three different ways:

  • Transit time measurement (as with the laser rangefinder)
  • Phase measurement
  • Laser triangulation

The speed of light and the time it takes the beam from A to B are observed under different conditions - such as when the position or distance of the reflecting object changes.

On the basis of the measured values, it is also possible to calculate not only the distance, but also information on volume, height and area.

The number of building permits is currently as high as it has not been since 1999 - with an upward trend (Source: Federal Statistical Office, Wiesbaden 2016).

If you too are in the midst of renovation, you should leave the statics of your home not antiquated rangefinders such as a folding rule, a yardstick or a tape measure.

In our 2018 Laser Rangefinder Comparison, we'll tell you what you need to consider if you want to buy the best laser rangefinder. We are dedicated to the topics accuracy, the measuring ranges as well as the Calculation of areas, volumes and heights.

1. The laser measuring device measures up to 120 meters away

There is hardly a measuring technique that you can use in your personal or professional life to measure distances or volumes as accurate as a laser rangefinder, Inaccuracies are usually only 1 mm.

A key advantage of the laser knife is the number of measurementswhich you can do with the help of the devices in a matter of seconds. An example of how this works: If you have a laser rangefinder with a tilt sensor, then you only have to aim at the top of a wall and your laser measuring device automatically calculates the height of the wall via the sine function.

This works - like most calculations - on formulas that are fed and calculated in the device with the measurement results. So can missing Specifications from the meter via the rule of three determined, stored, displayed and transmitted become.

Meanwhile, laser rangefinders such as Bosch have Bluetooth connectivity and can be controlled via a free app, To create a dimensionally accurate floor plan of your apartment, without having to grab the pencil. By the way: The small devices can up to 30 stores of measurement data then you can read out afterwards.

The Advantages and disadvantages of laser distance measurement compared to conventional rangefinders at a glance:

  • Precision: The accuracy of a laser is very high.
  • Speed: Results are available in just a few moments.
  • Service: A display shows you the measurement results immediately.
  • Reach: Up to 40 and 120 meters are often no problem.
  • Battery operation: After about 10,000 measurements is a battery change.
  • Price: The devices cost at least 50 to 200 euros.

Laser rangefinder comparison 2018: laser

2. Reach, accuracy and calculations - what laser rangefinders really matter

2.1. How far should laser rangefinders measure?

For a laser distance measurement, it is important to consider both the minimum and the maximum distance:

Minimal laser distance measurementThe minimum distance means the value that a range finder can measure as the smallest size - for shorter distances you must use a conventional tape measure or a yardstick.

For a laser rangefinder, the minimum distance is about 0.05 to 5 meters.

Laser rangefinder comparison 2018: 2018

Maximum laser distance measurementThe maximum distance values ​​that a laser range finder can vary from range finder to range finder.

The maximum distance of laser distance meters is included 15 to about 500 meters.

If you want to measure your rooms with a laser rangefinder, you should look at one Minimum distance of 0.05 and a Maximum distance of about 80 meters respect, think highly of.

2.2. How exactly should laser rangefinders measure?

If you miss a room with conventional measuring devices, you can rarely find exact data. This is particularly annoying if you want to measure about the rooms of your home to verify the information in your lease.

Millimeter accurate: professional distance measurement with a laser

A good laser gauge should be able to reach a distance of more than 100 meters Accuracy of +/- 1 to 3 millimeters to reach.

2.3. What should a laser measuring device be able to calculate?

Laser rangefinder comparison 2018: comparison

With the help of the sine function, the height of a shelf can be easily determined.

The devices from our comparison usually have one illuminated color displaywhere you can immediately read the measured distance - even in a poorly lit cellar.

After that, the following values ​​must be decrypted:

  • area calculation: Using two measurements (such as length and width, but also the diagonal, for example), the area can be calculated using mathematical equations. This value is for the Examination of rental costs or for buying color important for painting the walls.
  • height calculationNot only for leveling work, the calculation of height is important. About the inclination angle (sine function) is the Height of a wall captured quickly and without the need of a ladder.
  • volume calculation: Based on the height, the length and the width, the volume of a room can be additionally recorded. This also applies to a pool or a pondfor which you want to buy a new pond pump.

Of course, you can also buy your personal laser rangefinder test winner without having to worry about additional calculation functions.

3. Questions and answers about laser rangefinders

3.1. What accessories do you need when working with a laser knife?

Laser rangefinder comparison 2018: laser

With a compatible app, all data can be easily viewed on the smartphone.

Basically, the portable ones Rangefinder operated with batteriesof which you should always carry a pair as a replacement, although the battery life usually takes about 10,000 measurements.

Furthermore, the reflection of the beam in drywall could become a hurdle, such as when the laser hits a porous surface or an insulating material. Also transparent objects or Reflecting surfaces make a highly accurate laser distance measurement difficult.

So that there are no problems with the laser measurement, you can use one Buy laser target for about 5 euros, the one exact measurement on every surface allows.

Laser rangefinder comparison 2018: 2018

Protection for the eyes!

You may not use goggles when using laser range finders, rotary lasers or laser leveling devices never look into the emitted light beam, The danger of a laser depends on its class:

  • Laser class 1: harmless
  • Laser class 2: Dangerous with prolonged irradiation of the eyes
  • Laser class 3: Dangerous for the eyes and for the skin
  • Laser Class 4: Very dangerous, fire and explosion hazard!

Laser rangefinders fall into laser class 2: The use of safety glasses is therefore advisable, but with sufficient caution is not mandatory.

3.2. Which brands and manufacturers of laser rangefinders are recommended?

Laser rangefinder comparison 2018: rangefinder

Particularly practical: an integrated spirit level in the laser rangefinder.

Who is looking for a cheap laser rangefinder, to which the products of the manufacturer Kaleas are recommended. Those looking for a high-end laser range find Bosch and Leica (Disto).

3.3. Where else can you use a laser rangefinder?

In addition to the classical surveying of a construction site or a living space, These electronic gauges are also used for golfing or hunting. Whenever you need to measure a great distance accurately, you can perform a laser rangefinder test and benefit from the high measurement accuracy.

3.4. Which other laser measuring device types have replaced conventional measuring methods?

In addition to the distance measurement with a laser ("Customs stock was yesterday" - contribution of the Stiftung Warentest on the subject), there are, for example, laser spirit levels, line finder or infrared thermometer, which greatly simplify your work during the conversion.

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