Laser Spirit Level Comparison 2018

Purchase advice for laser spirit level comparison or test 2018

  • A laser spirit level works like an analog laser spirit level via so-called dragonflies. These water-filled tubes with air bubble help with the manual adjustment of the spirit level.
  • The laser helps you to increase the working area to 5 to 30 meters. With a line laser or a point laser, you can make exact horizontal or vertical measurements even over long distances.
  • A laser spirit level costs about 15 to 40 euros nothing more than an analog bubble level. You benefit from the very good operability and the high range of the laser measuring devices.

Laser Spirit Level Comparison 2018: 2018

The dragonfly

Laser Spirit Level Comparison 2018: 2018

To align something horizontally or vertically, you use a dragonfly. This is a small plastic tube that is bent at a certain angle and thus slightly curved. It contains a liquid (such as ethanol) and a gas bubble, which - thanks to the buoyancy - always at the highest point of the curved tube swims.

To align the dragonfly now only the gas bubble between the centered marks must be moved - then it is Measuring instrument in horizontal or vertical position, The principle corresponds to one Inclinometer or sensor, wherein in spirit levels and digital sensors can be installed.

More than 9 million people are already planning to renovate their apartment in 2016 - new paint, new tiles, new wallpaper (Source: Allensbach Institute for Demoscopy).

If you also want to lend a hand in your own home, then you need to have the right tools at hand. In our laser spirit level comparison 2018 we present you a reliable measuring devicethat extends your workspace by 5 to 30 meters.

What you need to be aware of when buying the best laser spirit level is explained below, focusing on the following topics: tripod, leveling and laser.

1. Never again mark: The laser spirit level ensures a millimeter-accurate alignment

Even a digital spirit level often does not come without dragonflies, The plastic tubes named for analogue spirit levels together with liquid and gas bubble serve to determine an exactly horizontal or vertical position.

The problem with a spirit level is that they only about 20 to 100 cm long is. This way, a shelf can be mounted horizontally on the wall, but if you have several Shelves, pictures or tiles want to attach in a horizontal line, this workspace is much too short.

A laser level is attached to the wall or fixed to a fixed point such as a tripod, using the horizontal or vertical level. Now you can use a laser on a device Distance up to 30 m specify a precisely aligned line (line laser) or a point (point laser). Manual drawing with a pencil is a thing of the past.

2. Tripod, cross line laser and self-leveling: Purchase advice for laser spirit levels

2.1. The tripod makes itself felt in the price

If you want to buy a cheap laser spirit level, you should pay attention to whether it is a laser spirit level with or without a tripod. Depending on the type, the price can fluctuate considerably, We show you the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of laser spirit levels:

Laser spirit level without tripodLaser spirit level with tripod

Laser Spirit Level Comparison 2018: laser

Laser Spirit Level Comparison 2018: level

Bosch DIY laser spirit level PLL 1Mannesmann laser spirit level M81125
handy and mobile: fast application
Can be used anywhere thanks to wall mounting...
... which, however, is often not very smooth
rather intended for private use
Tripod is usually transported in a suitcase
360° rotatable work area
Leveling plate must be aligned
mostly higher price due to the tripod
If you want to attach images, shelves or tiles horizontally at home, you can use one Spirit level laser without tripod choose. For larger projects (such as drywall) we recommend the Use of a tripod.

2.2. The "X" marks the spot

In addition to a simple laser can Laser spirit levels with cross-line function also show a crossthat helps you in finding a right angle. Unfortunately, this feature is rarely found on digital spirit levels.

If you need an exact line for DIY that goes beyond a straight horizontal, we recommend the Line laser or cross line laser, Here you see the Advantages and disadvantages of cross-line lasers at a glance:

  • very high range (up to 50 m)
  • self-leveling (to +/- 4°)
  • usually over 100 euros more expensive than a laser spirit level

Laser Spirit Level Comparison 2018: laser

2.3. Can a laser spirit level be self-leveling?

Self-leveling means one automatic alignment of the meter, which makes the adjustment via dragonflies obsolete.

Laser Spirit Level Comparison 2018: laser

With a self-leveling rotating laser - here a model from Bosch - perfectly straight laser lines are displayed on long distances and large areas.

Self-leveling laser spirit levels are a contradiction in terms, because despite the laser lines, this measuring device basically remains a spirit level, which you must align by hand.

For a self-leveling gauge, you need to dig deeper into the bag: On Cross line laser for about 120 euros or a Rotary laser for about 300 euros are self-leveling.

3. Questions and answers about laser level

3.1. Which brands or manufacturers of laser rangefinders are there?

Probably the most well-known laser spirit level, which you will encounter at Hornbach, Bauhaus, or Toom, comes from Bosch (PLL line laser or laser spirit level), The laser spirit levels from Mannesmann and Defort are also among the high-quality category of measuring instruments. Which other brands You will find in the market, you can see the following overview:

  • Bosch (PLL)
  • Mannesmann
  • Defort
  • Kreator
  • TAS Tools
  • CON: P
  • Camtoa

3.2. Which other laser tools are needed for renovation?

Laser Spirit Level Comparison 2018: comparison

Surveying is much faster with laser technology.

In addition to a laser spirit level, you can also replace other analogue measuring devices with digital variants.

  • Laser measuring tape or laser rangefinder: Use a few buttons to measure that Volume, the base area as well as the lengths of a room. If the device also has a tilt sensor, you can use the sine function to determine the Heights of edges can be calculated without having to resort to the ladder.
  • Infrared thermometers: A small laser beam can reach you in seconds Temperature of your walls or the floor without having to stoop to it or create a measuring device.
  • Cable Locator: Not only laid power lines can be found at the touch of a button. Does a line finder have a wall scanners, he can even list the built-in materials.

3.3. Can you also use a laser spirit level outside?

A laser spirit level has the function of accurately representing a horizontal, vertical or oblique line. Only a few batteries (usually 2 x AAA) are needed. The problem, though, is that you outdoors due to brightness problems when seeing the laser.

Problems reading: While a laser spirit level test winner offers highly visible results despite the sun's rays, you can sometimes experience difficulties with low-priced models.

3.4. What does Stiftung Warentest say about laser spirit levels?

Unfortunately, Stiftung Warentest has not yet taken a laser spirit level test.

For this you can from the foundation the work"Repairs at home" which offers tips on all the craft activities in your own home. In addition, there are also advice on the topics Warranty, liability and insuranceif you want to renovate your rental apartment.

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