Latex: can you paint over this binder?

If the walls of a room are painted with latex paint, that has its advantages. If the old painting but then eventually have to be renewed, the question arises, if you can just paint the old paint. If this works, and what else you can do, read this post.

Advantages of latex paints

The basic advantages of using latex paints are also the biggest problems when painting over:

  • no liability for dirt
  • no penetration of water (latex paint is simply wipe-clean)
  • sometimes very high gloss (very smooth surface without roughness)

On the very smooth surface, which also does not absorb water, something is difficult to stick. The application of new paint on the old latex coating is therefore always problematic.

Types of latex paint

The composition of latex paints has changed a lot in recent years. Old colors sometimes still have a high proportion of rubber ("real" latex paint) while modern colors largely do without it. The abrasion resistance and waterproofness can also be produced by other, artificial means. Nevertheless, the modern colors are still called "latex paint", even if no latex is contained at all.

Modern colors can often be painted over easily with simple dispersions. For older paints you have to look at the composition and possibly remove a paint that can not be painted over.

Test coating

The best thing to do first is to find out when the paint was painted on the wall. Real latex paints have been in use for a few decades, and therefore extremely rare.

Just apply a dilute dispersion sample to a small piece of the wall and let it dry. Then apply another thin layer. After drying, simply check with a piece of tape to see if the newly painted emulsion paint peels off again. If it does or does not stick at all, you will most likely need to remove the old paint.

Tips & Tricks

Latex paints with a higher degree of gloss should be best leached for better adhesion of the emulsion paint. For this one can use a usual Anlauger, which one gets in the specialized trade.

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