Does latex paint act against mold - or does it promote fungal growth?

Latex paints have a slightly vapor-permeable surface, so moisture hardly penetrates. In damp rooms, this paint prevents water from penetrating the wall; on the other hand, the moisture already contained in the fabric can hardly evaporate again. So does latex paint promote mold growth - or does it deprive the fungus of its livelihood?

What makes the mold grow?

Above all, the mold requires a permanently moist environment in order to thrive. Everywhere in the room air are in low concentration its spores, we can hardly change anything: Where he finds a good livelihood, he settles automatically.

It draws its nutrients from dust and dirt, sometimes also from the building fabric. In order to avoid mold, it is therefore necessary to keep the walls free of moisture and, incidentally, to keep its living environment clean. How does latex paint work in this context?

So protects latex paint against mold

Latex paint will help prevent mildew if it protects the walls from moisture. This can happen, for example, in the cooking area of ​​the kitchen or in the bathroom when the wall is covered with this coating.

Commercially latex paints containing fungicides are also available for areas that are particularly mold-prone. These often also contain a bacteriocide additive and are of course washable and scrub-resistant: Such coatings are considered to be particularly hygienic.

In these cases, latex paint favors mold growth!

But what happens if a wall attracts moisture in another way and the water can not escape due to the latex coating? First of all, it should be noted that latex paint is never completely diffusion-closed.

Their water vapor permeability is approximately in the range of low diffusible emulsion paints. And: the shinier the surface, the more waterproof the layer. A painted with latex paint wall can then begin to mold when it penetrates from the back again and again moisture.

This is most likely the case with uninsulated outer walls of the case, which should therefore preferably be provided with a permeable as possible coating. But it would be even better to neatly insulate the relevant walls, especially with natural materials.

Tips & Tricks

Do not use fungicidal latex paint to combat mold, but keep your walls permanently dry. This happens above all through a professional insulation and regular ventilation.

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