Clean the latex mattress

Although latex mattresses are inherently very low-odor, they should nevertheless be cleaned regularly, especially to prevent mold growth and bacterial accumulation. How you proceed when cleaning your latex mattress and what else needs to be taken into account with regard to care is explained below.

How often should a latex mattress be cleaned?

If your latex mattress has a removable mattress cover and a topper, it is advisable to wash both every few months. The latex mattress then rarely needs to be cleaned as the mattress cover and topper absorb most of the dirt and moisture. Once a year is completely sufficient. If your latex mattress does not have a topper, it is advisable to clean it a little more often.

Clean latex mattress step by step

  • vacuum cleaner
  • microfiber cloth
  • Washing machine
  • Lukewarm water
  • Special cleaner for latex mattresses

1. Remove mattress cover

Remove the mattress cover and, if possible, wash it at 60° C to kill all mites. If your latex mattress has a topper, place it on the balcony or on a heater for airing and clean it if necessary as described here.

2. Suction

First, remove loose dust and dirt by thoroughly vacuuming your latex mattress.

3. Wet clean

Then wipe the latex mattress with a damp cloth. Do not use aggressive cleaners to avoid attacking the sensitive surface. Make sure that the mattress does not get too damp, otherwise you will promote mold growth!

4. Maintain

Finally, spray the surface with a special care spray so that the surface remains supple and does not become brittle. Depending on the manufacturer's instructions, wipe off the latex mattress again.

5. Dry

Now the most important thing is to put your latex mattress in a warm or well-ventilated place to dry. A good place is e.g. the heater (not too warm!), the balcony or on a wall near the windows. Wait until the mattress is really dry before you take it off again and put it back on the bed.

Care tips for the latex mattress

  • Apply your latex mattress regularly (both horizontally and vertically)
  • Ventilate your latex mattress every morning after getting up for at least 20 minutes to let the moisture escape
  • Make sure that the latex mattress is well ventilated from below
  • Wash the mattress cover regularly

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