Latex paint for the kitchen back wall: A good idea?

The back of the kitchen has to withstand a lot: hot vapors pass by and fat splashes settle on the surface. Frequent cleaning is inevitable, the daily damp cloth, possibly provided with a cleaning agent, can also leave its mark on the long term. Therefore, there is a need to equip this sensitive area with a resistant surface!

Latex paint as an alternative to the tile mirror

Most kitchens have a tiled mirror in the cooking area, which often runs along the entire worktop. There is a simple reason for this: tile surfaces are resistant to moisture and heat, they are easy to clean and can easily withstand household cleaning agents.

This performance brings a wallpaper guaranteed not, but even the usual wall paint, painted directly on the plaster suffers after a short time under staining. High-quality latex paint, on the other hand, is waterproof and abrasion-resistant, and its surface is much easier to keep clean.

In addition, latex paint proves to the kitchen back wall as relatively inexpensive. The paint can be painted easily by a layman, while the laying of wall tiles is certainly not for everyone: so a point win for the painting?

These disadvantages brings latex paint on the kitchen back wall with it

Latex paint has not only advantages over tiles, but also disadvantages. This should be weighed against the advantages, before resorting to brush and paint:

  • Surface less resistant than tiles
  • difficult to paint with other colors
  • hard to remove from plaster, better gluing glass fiber wallpaper first
  • particularly inexpensive latex paint often little scrub resistant
  • Optics not comparable to aesthetic tile mirror

Anyone who lives in a rental apartment and looking for a cost-effective solution that he does not have to agree with the landlord is just right with latex paint for the kitchen back wall. In the home or in a basic renovation, however, a tiled mirror is recommended.

Is there latex paint in colorful?

Good news at the end: Commercially available latex paint based on dispersion can easily be tinted in color. At the hardware store, you can have your desired color blended by machine, so it can be reproduced again and again.

Tips & Tricks

A third way to design the kitchen back wall is to paint a pattern wallpaper with elephant skin. This gives room for individual patterns without compromising hygiene.

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