Painting latex paint: Do I need a primer for this?

Latex paints are not just an ideal base for further coatings, their surface is relatively smooth and dense. However, sometimes this paint can actually be painted without primer, in other cases it does not work. Find out what the right pretreatment looks like for a successful repainting!

When can latex paint be painted without a primer?

The commercial latex paint is nothing more than a conventional disperse paint but in a slightly different composition. Latex coatings always have a certain degree of gloss; those who paint them with a matt wall paint must expect cracks and maybe even chipping.

However, if you choose another glossy emulsion paint, you have a good chance of painting the wall without primer or special preparation. But make sure you have a clean and stable surface and take the time for a sample application.

Latex paint on latex paint is particularly good because two identical or very similar paints have the same properties and do not generate any material tensions. If possible, therefore, opt for this coating variant - without primer.

In this case, a primer does not help

Very old paintings can still contain natural rubber, this material should better not be painted over, but removed. A primer would seal the already dense surface even more and so favor with high probability moisture accumulation and mold growth in the wall.

Treat latex paint with primer before painting

If you want to try to coat latex paint with a rather matte emulsion paint, it is best to use a home-made primer: dilute your new paint with water.

  • Transfer part of the emulsion paint to another container.
  • Add water and stir well until the color is evenly liquid.
  • Apply the diluted paint to the wall with a brush and roller.
  • Let the primer dry well.
  • Now paint the entire surface with the undiluted wall paint.

Tips & Tricks

A test coat on a small area is always worthwhile, even if you want to test your primer including repainting. Wait at least 24 hours to see if there are really any cracks in the top of the walls before painting the entire wall.

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