Tint latex paint for colorful walls

You want easy-care walls that can be cleaned with a wet sponge and still look very comfortable? Then tint your latex color in the desired tone, because this color must not always be pure white! Everything is possible, from gentle cream white to strong dark red, you just have to choose the appropriate tinting colors for mixing.

How can I tint my latex paint?

Modern latex paints are among the emulsion paints, just like the commercial matt wall paint. Previously they contained rubber, today they consist of a mixture of the finest plastic particles. Latex paints are water-dilutable, and therefore also mix with water-based tinting colors.

These tinting inks are available at any hardware store, these are the same pigmented paints that are used to dye regular wall paints. They are suitable for tinting of dispersion and latex paint, but are also used in synthetic resin plaster.

If in doubt, read the inscription on the respective color tube and inquire with the technical staff. But keep in mind that mixing by hand is never as precise as mixing.

Tint latex color: uniform color guaranteed

The hand-mixing has its pitfalls, because there is hardly the possibility to produce exactly a predetermined shade. This is especially a problem when several containers are to be mixed in the same color.

In the same room - or even on the same wall - color differences are quite easy to recognize. Therefore it is advisable, if you need more than a bucket of tinted latex paint, to mix the color with the mixing machine at the hardware store or at the dealer.

How to mix your perfect color!

Finding the right shade is not that easy. We've put together a few tips on how to get there faster and better, and soon enjoy beautiful colored walls.

  • Choose your favorite shade on RAL color chart
  • Add the tinting color to the white latex paint in individual steps
  • in between stirring again and again
  • Swipe color samples on white paper
  • Dry paint samples with the hair dryer and adjust with RAL card
  • Slowly approach the shade until it is right
  • if several buckets are required, mix all containers

Tips & Tricks

Do you still remember the color theory from the school? Take a color wheel as a reminder to get the right tone. The useful circle is also available on the Internet!

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