Design the laundry room - clever ideas

The laundry room is a place that can be made very useful and functional. In our article you will find some tips and ideas that not only make your laundry room visually pleasing, but also help you with your work and make laundry care easier.

Storage via washing machine and dryer

If you simply set up your washing machine and your dryer, you will have an effective opportunity to make your work much easier.

By simply placing a worktop over the devices (or over the washing machine alone), you have a very handy workspace that you can use:

  • to fold the laundry
  • for dry ironing if necessary
  • to turn off the laundry basket
  • to store washing powder at hand

A small shelving system behind the countertop helps to have all the things you need quickly at hand and also to have detergents, patch salts and other "helpers" always within reach. In addition, one is not tempted to put something on the washing machine itself - which would then fall down when spinning.

Sorting bin next to the washing machine

Anyone who attaches two or three extendable baskets under the worktop will also find it much easier to sort the laundry - they simply throw it into the appropriate basket, and then simply empty the contents of the basket into the washing machine.

Put the washing machine higher

If you place the washing machine on a small pedestal, it is often much easier to confine it, because you do not have to bend over so deeply. In turn, a small drawer can be integrated into the pedestal, where less often needed things can be accommodated.

Dryer wall next to the washing machine

If you build a tower dryer from a wall shelf system and dryer elements yourself, you can dry towels and other textiles right next to the washing machine.

Tips & Tricks

When stacking the washer and dryer to save space you should always proceed with caution. This is not ideal, but with a special washing machine attachment to stack it is feasible.

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