Lay lawn carpet in a few minutes

Most manufacturers offer their products very easy to lay flooring. An average lawn carpet can be easily laid out in most cases without further preparation. The trimming is easily possible with a pair of scissors or a utility knife. The undersides are usually non-slip.

Dead weight ensures stable position

Of course, a lawn carpet resembles a doormat in larger dimensions. The plastic trims are between three and six millimeters thick. The manufacturing material has a dead weight that provides sufficient strength for a firm layer. Most lawn carpets weigh between two and four kilograms per square meter.

Laying the lawn carpet requires only trimming and laying out. For this, a level surface should be chosen that does not itself consist of plastic. The relatively coarse structure also allows the display on tiles with joints. The bumps are similar to those of a natural lawn when entering and do not appear optically.

Drainage and cutting

If the grass carpet does not have a dimpled underside, a drainage mat can be laid under, as far as there is no drainage of water, such as by joints or slats. If this is dispensed with, the demands on the cleaning and, in particular, drying of the lawn carpet increase.

The cutting of the lawn carpet is carried out the cleanest when the lawn carpet is laid out smooth and straight. Below the cut edges, a wooden strip as a cutting mat ensures that the blade of the carpet knife or cutter does not become dull or break off. The cut is guided along a cutting bar made of wood or metal.

Give short setting phase

It is best to prepare a lawn carpet for use if it is not entered the first two days after installation. Also, any weight loads such as the installation of garden and patio furniture should ideally be done only then. In this way, the lawn carpet has time to "sit down". However, most products are so insensitive that they have settled completely after just one or two hours.

Tips & Tricks

When you trim your lawn carpet, try to choose the largest possible outside dimensions. This allows you to avoid any subsequent damage caused by fraying at the edges with a regrooving.

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