Lawn fertilizer with weed killer comparison 2018

Purchase advice on lawn fertilizer with weed killer comparison or test 2018

  • A lawn fertilizer with weed killer is a 2-in-1 lawn product that nourishes and nourishes the green as well as clears the lawn of various weeds and grass weeds.
  • Organic lawn fertilizer with weed killer are more environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly because they do without chemicals and contain only natural substances. Chemical fertilizers are more effective and have a longer-lasting effect.
  • You should never use the combination product near flowerbeds, as this could easily cause that carefully cultivated and desired flower splendor to fall prey to the destructive substances.

Lawn fertilizer with weed killer comparison 2018: lawn

According to statistics from several opinion research institutes, more than 25 million Germans spent at least once a month or more frequently gardening in 2016, at least once a month. While working in your home's greenery means relaxation and fun for some of you, caring for and maintaining one's own garden is more a duty than a freestyle choice for others. Especially regular work such as removing weeds, excess grass and leaves are rather unpopular tasks. How nice for the one who has it easy. Especially in terms of lawn care, there are some products that can make your life quite easier.

So-called lawn fertilizers with weed killers remove several work steps from youbecause they provide an optimally tended lawn and at the same time for the weed control of grasses, daisies, dandelions and Co. In our 2018 comparison of lawn fertilizers with weed killers, we took a closer look at the most popular and popular products from different brands and manufacturers In addition to our purchase advice, how and when to use the combi fertilizer best and what you should pay particular attention to when fertilizing your lawn.

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1. The neighbor's grass is greener? A lawn fertilizer can help

Lawn fertilizer with weed killer comparison 2018: weed

Goodbye to clover in the grass: lawn fertilizer with weed killer keep your lawn weed-free and fight daisies, dandelions and more.

Every hobby gardener knows: Fertilizing the lawn with a long-term lawn fertilizer is essential to keep your garden reasonably stable. Fertilizers supply the grass with sufficient nutrients and mineralsThey ensure that the grass grows as densely as possible and shines in a rich green. In addition, a well-fertilized lawn is much less susceptible to disease and pest infestation. It also increases its resistance to extreme temperatures such as intense cold or intense heat. The most important nutrients contained in the lawn fertilizer are:

  • nitrogen
  • phosphorus
  • potassium
  • magnesium

Lawn fertilizer with weed killer comparison 2018: weed

While nitrogen makes grass blades grow better, phosphorus helps root growth. Potassium, on the other hand, makes the plants more resilient and resistant to temperature differences and pests.

Lawns are usually fertilized 2-3 times a year, depending on the strain: for spring, summer and autumn. Before fertilizing, the area must be sufficiently dry and should be mowed and best scarred. The lawn fertilizer can best be distributed especially with larger areas with a spreading trolley. Here you can be sure that the fertilizer distribution is as even as possible.

2. How do lawn fertilizers work with weed killer?

Lawn fertilizer with weed killer comparison 2018: killer

Using a weed killer for the lawn, you can fertilize your lawn while destroying garden weed.

While pure lawn fertilizers provide the soil with minerals, a fertilizer with weed killer also prevents the growth of unwanted weeds, thereby saving you the hassle of removing them by hand.This is achieved by the fertilizer supplying only one-channel roots with nutrientswhich includes grasses. Weeds, on the other hand, have - like flowers - two-channel roots, which are destroyed by the lawn fertilizer with weed killer. But for which gardener is such a combined product in question? First and foremost, this product is recommended for large lawns that tend to sprout weeds, However, if you have only small sections of lawn in your garden, which may be between flowerbeds, we would advise you to use a pure weed killer for lawns selectively. In this way you avoid the risk that flowers may also be damaged by the weed killer in the lawn fertilizer due to improper distribution.

Tip: If you have more difficulty with moss in the lawn instead of clover, dandelion and Co., you can also grab a lawn fertilizer with moss killer. In addition, some of these fertilizers work against both moss and weeds.

3. Types of lawn fertilizers with weed killer

However, as with pure lawn fertilizer, the 2-in-1 product also gives you the choice between two basic categories and types of fertilizers, which we would like to briefly introduce below:

lawn fertilizerdescription
organic lawn fertilizer

Lawn fertilizer with weed killer comparison 2018: killer

Organic lawn fertilizers consist of 100% natural ingredients such as animal residues (eg chicken droppings), fermentation residues of plants or living microorganisms.

Over-fertilization not possible
safe for dogs and toddlers
environmentally friendly

only works after several weeks
Risk of nutrient deficiency

mineral lawn fertilizer / artificial fertilizer

Lawn fertilizer with weed killer comparison 2018: weed

Mineral fertilizers include chemicals such as nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. 2, 4 D or Dicomba are the names for the additionally included chemical weed killers.

works already after 2 - 3 days
adequate nutrient supply

Children and dogs are allowed to return to the garden after a few days
Risk of burns to the lawn
little environmentally friendly

To summarize, here are the advantages and disadvantages of a biological weed killer compared to an artificial fertilizer:

  • environmentally friendly
  • no health hazard during use
  • no danger of over-fertilization
  • no concerns in dogs and toddlers
  • Results only visible after 3 - 4 weeks
  • Nutrient content often insufficient
  • Grass color not so strong
  • Nutrient amount not exactly controllable

Soil analysis for your lawn

Lawn fertilizer with weed killer comparison 2018: killer

To determine the nutrient needs of your lawn, you can send a soil sample to a lab and have it analyzed. Only then can you determine the optimal active ingredient composition and the best lawn fertilizer with weed killer for your garden. A provider is z. B. the soil analysis center. Here a one-off soil analysis costs between 40 and 50 euros.

4. You should pay attention to this when handling lawn fertilizer

Whether with weed killer or without: lawn fertilizer is not equal to lawn fertilizer. Depending on the garden and soil, one particular fertilizer is better than another. However, both before and after buying lawn fertilizers with weed killers, it is important to consider important aspects in dealing with this remedy, so that your personal test winner can serve you as well as possible.

4.1. Pay attention to protective clothing

If you want to destroy the weeds by chemical means, you should always pay attention to wear suitable protective clothing during use. This includes the use of fixed and closed garden shoes as well as wearing gloves. This will prevent your skin from getting in contact with the chemical ingredients and causing injury or allergic reactions.

4.2. The right dosage

When dosing the grass fertilizer, you should strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions and take care to distribute the product as evenly as possible in the garden. This applies primarily to mineral fertilizers, as it can quickly lead to an overdose, which could lead to serious consequences under certain circumstances. For example, improper use poses a risk to the groundwaterwhich can be contaminated by the chemicals in the fertilizer. Therefore, you should be especially vigilant with the recommended amount of lawn fertilizer as well as the frequency of use.

Generally, there are fixed legal requirements regarding the use of lawn fertilizer with weed killer, which are defined in the Plant Protection Act. For example, you are only allowed to do this between April and September and - depending on the drug combination used - only 1 - 2 times a year at intervals of 35 - 42 days use.

Danger: Violations of the Plant Protection Act and the improper use of lawn fertilizers with weed killers can be punished with fines of up to € 50,000 and imprisonment of up to 5 years.

4.3. The right active ingredient composition

Lawn fertilizer with weed killer comparison 2018: fertilizer

A natural weed killer is the most environmentally friendly means of weed control.

Although the Stiftung Warentest did not yet have a special lawn fertilizer with weed killer in the test, she reported in her 03/2001 issue that many hobby gardeners give their lawn a wrong composition of nutrients. For example, many of the samples tested were too high in phosphorus and magnesium and insufficient in potassium.

One solution may be to have a soil sample of your own lawn analyzed. There are additional costs associated with this, but you can only make sure that you give your lawn the individual care and care it needs. If you do not want to do that, then grass fertilizers with weed killers have been shown in the test to be a guideline Composition of 20% nitrogen, 10% potassium and 5% nitrogen for the fertilizer in the spring is usually suitable.

5. Important manufacturers of lawn fertilizers with weed killer

There are many different manufacturers and brands in the market for lawn fertilizers, however, especially in the case of combined preparations, the lawn fertilizers from Compo and from the Wolf company dominate. However, lawn fertilizers from Substral, Hauert or Beckmann will often be encountered in the hardware store or in the online shop.
If you are looking specifically for organic lawn fertilizers, you will soon find Neudorff, Naturen Bio or Oscorna.

Here is an overview of popular manufacturers and brands of lawn fertilizers with weed killers:

  • Substral
  • wolf
  • Compo
  • Beckmann
  • Hauert
  • Oscorna
  • Neudorff
  • Natures organic

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