Rasengitterfüllsteine ​​prices in the overview

With the grass lattice filler stones, you can refine, mark and additionally fasten your lawn lattice surfaces. For a low price you can integrate ways or design creative multi-colored patterns.

Mark your lawn grid for orientation

Often lawn lacing stones are found on parking areas where you mark the individual parking areas for vehicles. They can be laid in the color of the grass pavers and form a visually restrained marking or made clearly visible by a color contrast. Due to the small number of grass lattice stones for this line design, the price is low, as new stones are available at the price of eight to 25 euro cents. To mark a normal parking space you need about one hundred grass lattice stones, which cost you between eight and 25 euros.

Design route guides or creative patterns

The large-scale use of lawn lattice filling stones is a popular design and fastening variant. For example, footpaths can be identified and additionally fastened in the lawn grid. With a width of sixty centimeters, which is the standard width of a standard grass paver, you need eight grass lattice stones for a forty-centimeter walkway. For example, you have to calculate the current meter that you will equip with lawn grid filler stones with twenty pieces, which corresponds to a material price of 1.60 to 5 euros. For a full surface of your lawn grid, for example, a multi-colored mosaic structure you can expect per square meter with a price between 2.80 and 8.75 euros. For a square lawn grid with stones in the standard size of forty times sixty centimeters, about 35 grass lattice stones are necessary to completely fill all the holes.

Different sizes available in four colors

Grass lattice stones are made in the colors gray, red, brown and anthracite. Most gray products are more expensive than the plain gray by one to two eurocents. The prices increase between the standard heights eight, ten and twelve centimeters by two to five eurocents.

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