Lawn grating plates - prices and providers

One of the most well-known uses of lawn grid plates you know from playgrounds. The mostly made of granules mats are laid as fall protection under swings, slides and rockers. Even in the private garden, they have many uses.


Lawn lattice panels are made of elastic materials that make laying very easy and also help cushioning falls, such as playing children. Through their grass growth, they integrate into the surrounding lawn and ensure a steady infiltration of rainwater. In addition, they prevent the formation of cool or well-worn holes in places that are strong and often stepped on. Different slab thicknesses and production materials can decisively cushion falls up to three meters in height. Also suitable as fasteners around benches or as the bottom of a garden pavilion are lawn grid plates.

Notes on ingredients

As the manufacturers of lawn grid plates always plan their products for use in the vicinity of children, the focus is on safety in terms of function and health compatibility. Very common are rubber granules, which are provided with a small proportion of chemical binders. They comply with the strict statutory guidelines, which require very low flammability, must have strong resistance to cold breakage and must not develop cracks when aged. If you want to buy grass grids, you should make absolutely sure that the relevant safety standards according to the European Community are met.

price overview

Most of the commercially available lawn grid plates are offered in the standard one meter square size. The recommended price for products that comply with all legal requirements and contain biologically harmless ingredients costs around fifty euros per plate. You should only buy cheaper products if you are particularly sure that the ingredients can not endanger your health. The prices can be up to eighty euros per plate, if the lawn grid plates should provide fall protection from higher altitudes. For a good overview of the types of lawn grid plates available, visit the website of the manufacturer SRP-Products at

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