Grass pavers for the driveway: material, prices and installation

Grass pavers are also considered an ecological and practical solution for the driveway. They allow rainwater to flow away unhindered and sprout the green, but stabilize the underground enough to drive him by car. The bricks are available in different qualities and at different prices - often a foundation must be laid, but sometimes not.

Concrete or plastic - which material is best?

Grass pavers for the driveway: material, prices and installation: pavers

Grass pavers made of concrete withstand larger loads than their plastic competitors. If you want to park your car in the paved driveway or regularly drive over it with a heavy vehicle, this robust option is best for you. Even when securing a slope, the heavy concrete lattice stones, which depress the ground with their own weight, prove themselves.

In contrast, plastic blocks are more suitable for sidewalks and as paddock boards for horse stables, they can also be used on bicycles. They are less resilient, but more comfortable due to the softer surface. Your big advantage is also in the frequently used click system for easy and quick installation. Look for recyclable material to have a good conscience, even when it comes to the environment!

What do grass pavers cost for my driveway?

According to the portal, lawn concrete pavers, depending on their thickness, cost about € 5 to € 7 per square meter. Paddock tiles are usually more expensive. 3 cm thick plastic grids cost about 9 euros per square meter, 5 cm thick material is already around 15 euros per square meter.

Additional costs in view: Calculate the price per square meter

The price for the grass pavers seems not very high at first glance, but do not ignore the cost of other necessary materials in your calculation. For the substructure you need:

  • Gravel / gravel as a stable foundation
  • Mixture of split and sand as balancing material for a flat surface
  • Topsoil for the lawn to grow

Luckily laying lawn grass stones is easy, so you do not have to hire a professional to do this job. However, the individual concrete modules have a high dead weight so that the use of a back-friendly laying aid is recommended when paving larger areas. These are available for a price of just under 200 € to buy, but you may be able to borrow a corresponding device in the hardware store or a landscape gardener.

The total price for the area paved with concrete blocks should be between about 20 and 30 euros per square meter, depending on how deep you lay your foundation and what you fill it with. The grass seeds are already included in the price. Plastic lattice stones need no foundation, they are placed directly on the lawn and thus save some costs. Despite the higher purchase price, they are cheaper in the end!

Instructions: How to lay concrete grass pavers professionally

  1. Raise the ground 25 to 50 cm deep, depending on how heavily your driveway is driven and how stable the ground is.
  2. Thoroughly consolidate the substrate with a roller or vibrating plate.
  3. Frame the area with curbs as a side attachment. Pour the stones with concrete on the back.
  4. Now bring gravel in the 16/32 grain size in a layer about 20 cm thick.
  5. Now spread a mixture of sand, grit and topsoil on this layer of gravel. If the grass is to sprout abundantly, add some slow-release fertilizer.
  6. Compact the entire surface and smooth it with a gauge.
  7. Place the grass pavers close to the prepared foundation and then tap them with a rubber mallet.
  8. Now fill up the lattice blocks with topsoil and compact the soil with a suitable piece of wood.
  9. Once again shake vigorously with the shaker, then the surface is stable.
  10. Finally, you'll see the lawn and look forward to a beautiful green eco-surface!

If you need to cut your lawn pavers, use a multi-disc or special disc for concrete. You can use the area immediately, even though the lawn is not germinated yet. Over the next few weeks, the gaps will gradually turn green until the first mowing of the lawn occurs. Then you can simply enjoy your green yard entrance for many years!

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