Laying lawn pavers: A guide

The laying of grass pavers is almost self-explanatory. If you ensure that the surface is properly fixed, nothing can go wrong. The required tools and material are easy to get.

tool list

You must have the following tools ready before laying grass pavers:

  • Spade and shovel for the excavation, on very firm ground a pickaxe
  • Rubber mallet for fixing and aligning the grass pavers
  • Wooden board for the straightening of the surfaces
  • Guideline and string fasteners such as sticks or metal rods
  • Vibrating plate for compacting the filling

Required material

If you prepare the following material, you will be ready in a few hours:

  • Rasengittersteine ​​in sufficient number
  • If necessary, lawn edge stone, if you plan a lateral connection
  • Gravel for backfilling for a layer about 35 centimeters thick
  • Weed fleece for insertion under the gravel layer
  • Earth-sand mixture for the filling of the stone cavities
  • lawn grass seeds

Preparation, backfilling and sowing

  1. Raise a pit depth of at least twenty centimeters on the laying surface, the higher the subsequent load weight, the deeper the pit must be. Think about adjusting the amount of gravel.
  2. If necessary, place the lawn edging stones that are to border your area.
  3. Fill the pit with the gravel so that the difference in height to the side of the pit corresponds to the strength of the grass pavers.
  4. Compact the gravel layer conscientiously and as many times as possible. Take breaks between shakes to let the gravel slip.
  5. Straighten the surface with the help of the guideline and wooden board.
  6. Lay the grass pavers according to your plan, push-pull as lanes or over the entire surface.
  7. Shake the grass pavers several times thoroughly and with breaks.
  8. Fill the earth-sand mixture into the cavities and any joints and surrounding clearances up to one centimeter above the surface of the lawn.
  9. With the irrigation you accelerate the infiltration seepage.

After completion of the laid surface, the only remaining step is to sow the lawn seed. Ask a gardener or seed dealer for the right robust variety.

Video Board: How to prepare for laying pavers