Lawn robots from different manufacturers compared

Lawn robots from different manufacturers compared

Lawn robots from different manufacturers compared: compared

Enjoy the manicured lawn and spend more free time in the garden without the hassle of work and stress, The automatic Robomow lawnmowers of the German wholesaler and gardening equipment supplier Vort (Speicherdorf) give you new independence.

The questions of who, when and how often to mow the lawn, must not be asked in the future. The work takes over a lawn robot for you. Depending on the model, he can after appropriate programming even make the decisionwhen he mows.

thanks Rain sensors he stays in the charging stationif it rains too much. As soon as it stops, it pulls the stored program through.

Why Do not change from the gas mower or conventional electric mower to the lawn robot and make life easier and more convenient?

Environmentally friendly garden assistant: the garden robot

The spring comes faster than you think - and thus the next lawn mowing season. Face the decision to buy a lawn mower, one exchange old or something for yourself as well as for the environment to do?

Then try an automatic lawnmower. Silent and environmentally friendly, it mows the lawn gently and without your intervention. simultaneously he mumbles and not only saves water and lawn fertilizerIt also eliminates the hassle of panning and removing the clippings. This spares sensitive back and saves time and fuel costs.

One of the best selling lawnmower robots in Germany is theRobomow RM 400 which can cut up to 500 m² with one battery charge and even has a built-in rain sensor. This season, the Robomow model will be even more user-friendly and environmentally friendly.

This includes the automatically adjust the speed to the lawn requirements adaptive ECO modeand that all crucial wearing parts can be exchanged by the customer.

But other manufacturers offer equivalent products, which are illuminated in the following article.

Low operating costs and volume

Lawn robots from different manufacturers compared: lawn

Lawn robots work independently and safely.

Environmental protection starts in the garden. You want to mow environmentally conscious and cost-effectively - without the noise and exhaust stench of conventional petrol lawnmowers, without gasoline and CO2 emissions? You want to spare your nerves and those of your neighbors and mow whisper-quiet lawns?

Lawn robots are also allowed to mow on Sundays and public holidays because they have the Fall below the limits of noise protection regulations, And all that without you even having to dig a finger for it. Instead, you gain a lot of time for leisure and family.

It's time to let the lawn robot work for you, which has already proven itself thousands of times in private gardens and does his job safely, reliably and thoroughly - and all at extremely low operating costs.

Lawn robots cope with every obstacle

Lawn robots from different manufacturers compared: manufacturers

The technology sits inside the lawn robot.

What the conventional electric or gas mower can do is normal for a turf robot. Obstacles or slopes do not matter and he also handles slopes easily.

Due to the automatically adapted to the turf density, if necessary rotating very fast knife system, the robot handles the lawn extremely gently. In addition, provides Sensitive sensors ensure that the gardening tool is extremely safe is.

Hobby gardeners can choose between numerous models. Various Designs for small or large lawns, devices without charging station or robots, which drive completely automatically into the charging station, recharge themselves and extend after a fixed program again, make a own contribution practically superfluous.

The lawn robot saves you time, energy and effort. He is also for Suitable for seniors and people who use the power of lawn mowing can not muster or only with difficulty.

The model range extends from the RM200 Robomow for lawns to about 300 square meters to the programmable top model RL1000 with charging station.

Buy recommendations - three lawn robots in comparison

Lawn robots from different manufacturers compared: lawn

The lawn robot automatically moves the staked grass area off.

Lawn robots are becoming increasingly popular. But which device is actually suitable for home use and which properties should the lawn robot have?so that even a larger garden can be mowed easily? Which functions are perhaps less important and drive up the price unnecessarily?

We have selected three special devices for you, so you do not lose track. These Lawn robots convince with their functionality and a reasonable price. In addition, a device is there that no additional recognition cable needed and so very easy to use.

Finally, find a video in which four popular devices from different price ranges be professionally compared.

1. Robomow RM 400 (for 300 - 500 m²)

Robomow® is the absolute mowing comfort. He is a fully automatic lawn mower and constructedto completely mow and care for your lawn.

Designed for home-grown lawns, Robomow can be used wherever a traditional electric or gas mower is used. regardless of the surface shape, the obstacles, inclines or the type of lawn.

There Robomow does the work himself, you do not have to sweat mowing anymore, you do not even have to worry about mowing.

Robomow does it all! Not only is it comfortable, it will always look like freshly mown grass, day after day.

The mower has one green plastic housing and is powered by an electric motor driven. The digital display is two-line and illuminated so that you can immediately read all important information. In addition, there is a rain sensor that the When the rain comes in drive the mower back to its charging station leaves.

Adjustable is also a timer with weekly program. The software can be updated if an update is available. Adjustable are the Mowing modes "automatic", "program" and "manual".

Safety is a priority at Robomow. He works independently, without user intervention, the child safety lock is manually adjustable and a lift sensor stops the knives immediatelywhen the Robomow is raised. Touch-sensitive shock sensors are located around the Robomow.

On Limit switch stops Robomow When leaving or breaking the loop, mower and chassis are protected from overheating.

OnTheft protection by user code and alarm is integrated in the deviceso that you can let the turf robot do its job without having to constantly watch it.

product features:

  • Dimensions 64 cm x 52 cm x 30 cm
  • maximum space capacity 300-500 m²
  • Cutting height 20-80 mm, easily adjustable
  • 2 x 75 W drive + 1 x 150 W knife
  • Mowing time of a charging cycle about 2.5 hours

Video: Robomow installation guide (1)

Video: Robomow installation guide (2)

2. Husqvarna Automower 220 AC (for up to 1800 m²)

Lawn robots from different manufacturers compared: manufacturers

The Automower automatically recognizes which area should be mowed.

The Automower 220 AC is an advanced model with higher performance. The Device mows and loads completely automatically and is suitable for areas up to 1,800 square meters.

Must the Battery are charged, the mower finds the charging station automatically, recharges and then continues the mowing process. Since this model mows the lawn regularly, the lawn gets an excellent, carpet-like appearance.

Using the clear keyboard and the integrated display, the device can be customized to your garden It also does a first-class job on complicated garden forms, because the search cable helps the mower find its way back to the charging station.

In addition, search times are reduced, especially in complex gardens. The Cutting height adjustment can be easily adjustedTo do this, only open the flap on top of the mower and make the appropriate adjustment.

Lawn robots from different manufacturers compared: compared

The lawnmower works completely automatically.

The theft alarm offers along with the PIN code good protection against theftl. In addition, the current Automower have an extended theft protection.

Next to the bThe self-contained lawnmower is now also equipped with a GPS module, as used in navigation systems, secured. With the GPS module, the Automower, if it is stolen, can be located exactly.

To this Way, the location determination is easily possible and the device can be returned to the rightful owner.

If the battery power of the car power is low, he finds independently his way to the charging station and charges his battery until it is ready for use again.

The device handles uneven surfaces as well as even lawns, because it always provides sufficient grip. That way, the mower is able to Gradients of up to 35%.

The Automower stands by its convincing features a conventional lawn mower in no way and will also surprise you with its performance. And just in time for the new garden season, Husqvarna lawn robots have interchangeable casings in metallic paint.

The tRiste green gray standard housing can now easily and quickly against a new design housing be replaced. In this way, the Automower is perceived not only as a lawn mower, but above all as a design object.

Video: Automower Installation Guide (1)

Video: Automower Installation Guide (2)

3. Wiper Blitz X lawn robot with grass detection system (up to 300 m²)

Lawn robots from different manufacturers compared: robots

Wiper Blitz X lawn robot

This lawn robot is a world first because it's the first one portable lawn robots with patented grass detection system.

The robotic lawnmower works with one Random system, with grass detection and automatic direction change, He does not need a boundary wire, as is the case with all other lawn robot tested.

Thanks to its patented grass detection and safety sensors, it recognizes the Lawn automatically and shuts off immediately in the event of an obstacle, Also, when lifting or tilting the device, the safety mechanism starts and the rotating blades turn off.

Your only task is to turn the unit on and put it on the lawn, everything else is done by the Wiper Blitz on its own. With hisFour-wheel drive, he masters even difficult terrain with gradients up to 27 degrees. The device is recommended for lawns up to 300 m².

The electric motor is powered by a high-tech lithium battery. This can be very light and fast charging, with only two plugs connected become have to.

Price comparison robotic lawnmower

R40Li, 4071-20smart SILENOAutomower 320Robo Scooter 500Indego 1000 Connect
up to 400 square metersup to 1000 square metersup to 2200 square metersup to 500 square metersup to 1000 square meters
18V Li18V Li18 V Li24 V lead-acid battery32.4 V Li
7.4 kg9.8 kg11.5 kg29 kg11.1 kg
799 €1399 €833 €140 €1099 €

Lawn robots from different manufacturers compared: manufacturers

Lawn robots from different manufacturers compared: compared

Lawn robots from different manufacturers compared: different

Lawn robots from different manufacturers compared: robots

Lawn robots from different manufacturers compared: robots

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