Lawn tractor comparison 2018

Purchase advice on lawn tractor comparison or test 2018

  • Lawn tractors are the perfect choice for large, flat lawns, while models for sitting have the smaller turning radius.
  • The choice depends on the size of the area, the nature of the terrain with bumps and gradients and the other desired applications.
  • If you do not want to spend your time sitting on a lawn tractor, you can alternatively buy a lawnmower robot.

Lawn tractor comparison 2018: 2018

Lawn tractors offer high performance, mower and cutting width are designed for large lawns. Lawn mowers are particularly effective on open lawns, on winding and smaller the riding mower. For perfect results, the lawn needs to be mowed regularly.

The emptying of the catcher is possible depending on the model electrically from the driver's seat. If the grass has grown too high, simply attach a baffle and mow with rear discharge.

With appropriate accessories, the lawn mowers can do even more and are suitable, for example, in autumn for collecting leaves or in winter for snow clearing. The following list shows the Advantages and disadvantages of a powerful lawn tractor compared to the more agile riding mower:

  • higher cutting width
  • higher engine power
  • better for lawns from 1,000 m² up to 4,000 m²
  • less agile than riding mower
  • less suitable for lawns with many bushes and trees

1. Lawn tractor types and alternatives

The following table gives an overview of the most important categories of lawn tractors and their various alternatives.


lawn tractor

Lawn tractor comparison 2018: comparison

The lawn tractor is built like a typical tractor, the engine is located in front. High performance for lawns with steep slopes better suited for lawns from 1,000 m²

Riding Mowers

Lawn tractor comparison 2018: 2018

The ride-on mower, the engine is mounted centrally under the driver's seat. more manoeuvrable and easier for flat and winding surfaces compared to the lawn tractor ideal for lawns over 500 m²
Alternatives to the lawn tractor

Electric mowers

Lawn tractor comparison 2018: tractor

Especially quiet and environmentally friendly for small lawns up to 250 m² less flexible due to the cable

Cordless Lawn Mower

Lawn tractor comparison 2018: tractor

Flexible, quiet and environmentally friendly for lawns up to 500 m² flexible and environmentally friendly

gasoline mowers

Lawn tractor comparison 2018: tractor

Powerful lawn mowers with flexible applications for lawns up to 1,000 m² suitable

Lawn Mower

Lawn tractor comparison 2018: tractor

Depending on the model, the mowing is also very suitable for areas> 1,000 m² very quiet huge time savings

2. Important questions before the purchase decision

Before you go into more detail about the characteristics of lawnmowers, You should be aware of your requirements, The answers to the following questions will help:

questionshort Answer
Is the lawn area wide or winding?
  • spacious: lawn tractor
  • Angled: Ride-on mower with a small turning circle
How big is the grass area?
  • from 500 m² riding mower
  • from 1,000 m² lawn tractor
Is the plane even or uneven?
  • For uneven areas, a lawnmower tractor with a pendulum mower
Is the lawn on the slope?
  • rather four-wheel drive than front or rear wheel drive
Should the grass clippings be collected or used for fertilization?
  • to collect with collection basket
  • for fertilizing with side ejection
Is a trailer or snow shovel required?
  • pay attention to the accessories

3. Kaufberatung lawn tractor: the selection criteria in detail

The models presented in the lawn tractor comparison 2018 are suitable for lawns of different sizes and vary, inter alia, in the cutting width in cm, the volume of the grass catcher and the type of drive. The following points help in comparing the lawn tractors.

3.1. The cutting width in cm

A rule of thumb: The more open and larger the lawn, the larger you should choose the cutting width. So the work is done the fastest. However, if the lawn is angled and there are many flowerbeds, bushes or trees in the field, you should focus more on a tight turning radius and choose a rider with a smaller cutting width.

Lawn tractors such as Husqvarna offer garden tractors with a width of 77 to 137 cm, for the brand Stiga there are ride-on mowers with a minimum cutting width of 66 cm.

3.2. Purchase decision according to catcher volume and lawn area

Lawn tractor comparison 2018: tractor

Ride-on mower with grass catcher.

A ride-on lawnmower is recommended for a lawn area of ​​500 m² or more. If you're in a hurry, a lawnmower tractor can work faster than the alternatives, even on smaller surfaces.

This is especially true when they are free of obstacles. Whether the maximum recommended lawn area is 2,000 m² or even 4,000 m² depends mainly on performance, tank volume, maximum speed and catcher volume.

The higher or larger these properties, the less often you have to empty the basket for large areas or refill the tank, saving time.

3.3. Traction and transmission

There are the lawn tractors - used or new - with all-wheel, front-wheel and rear-wheel drive. On flat surfaces, both front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive models work well.

However, if the lawn has a slope, you should choose a four-wheel drive lawn tractor. A model of this category also offers advantages in the winter season when working like snow slides. The vehicles are in the purchase, however, also more expensive.

If necessary, check if you can buy used such a lawn tractor. It is also advisable to lend such a lawn tractor first for testing. With the transmission, you have the choice between hydrostatic transmission and Transmatic transmission.

A garden tractor with a durable hydrostatic transmission is more expensive, but you do not need to clutch or shift and use a hand lever or foot pedal to accelerate. The speed is precisely adjustable. The treadmill with Transmatic transmission starts when you take the foot off the pedal, speed and direction you control via a lever. The acceleration is a bit jerky.

3.4. Lawn tractor with side ejection or grass catcher?

Lawn tractor comparison 2018: 2018

Lawn tractor with side ejection.

If you want to test different models, you are faced with the question: faster or cleaner?

You have the choice between a lawn tractor with side discharge or a model with rear discharge and grass catcher. Mowing can be done faster and more efficiently with a lawn tractor with side discharge.

The grass clippings will remain on the lawn. If the children then play on it and the lawn is wet, it sticks to the shoes and is carried into the house.

For a clean lawn, select the lawn mower tractor with grass catcher, For entry-level models, you need to empty the box by hand, the better mowers allow emptying from the seat.

4. Practical accessories for the lawn tractor

Lawn mowers can be equipped with additional accessories depending on the season and need. To fertilize the lawn with the clippings at the same time, you can convert the lawn tractor to mulching.

Or you convert the mower into a scarifier, which scratches the ground with many small knives and the moss combs out. To make gardening easier, you can choose the lawn tractor with trailer to easily transport heavy equipment.

A lawn tractor lift is a handy cleaning aid. For garden maintenance, a meadow harrow or meadow train is useful, which consists of a frame with attached standing plates. The downward pointing tines move through the ground and loosen up the upper soil layer. The meadow harrow is mainly used to remove moss, even molehills can be leveled with it.

In order to free the driveway and other areas from snow in winter, a snow plow for the lawn mower is available as an accessory. Partly there is the lawn tractor in the set with a grass trimmer. With the grass trimmer, you can perfect the mowing result in hard-to-reach places.

5. FAQ: Questions and answers about the lawn tractor and its operation

5.1. How do I attach a meadow harrow or meadow train to the lawn tractor?

The meadow harrow is used for grassland care. For attachment, there are matching essays and upgrade kits or the connection is via a trailer hitch.

5.2. Which starting system have riding mowers?

The start takes place depending on the model by cable or electrically by pressing a button. The electric start is more comfortable.

5.3. How often do I have to mow my lawn?

How often the lawn has to be mowed depends on the season. In early summer, from May to June, you should mow the turf at least once a week and up to three times a week, depending on growth. In midsummer then weekly or even bi-weekly mowing is sufficient.

5.4. Which oil do I need for a lawn tractor?

For a MTD lawn tractor or a model from another manufacturer such as CMI, John Deere, Viking, Dolmar, Alpina, Castelgarden, WOLF-Garten or McCulloch with gasoline engine is in the summer, a single-grade engine oil with SAE 30th This set at temperatures above + 4° C.

If you also want to use the lawn tractor in the winter season, for example by pushing snow, there is a special one available on the market Lawn mower engine oil for the winter with 5W30 or for the cold winter with 15W40 the right choice. 5W30 is suitable for a temperature range of -5° C to + 30° C.

For the best performance of the engine, you should change the engine oil once a season or after approximately 50 hours in the case of large lawns. If an oil filter is included, it should also be replaced once a season. Check the oil level regularlybecause the air-cooled engines burn up to 30 ml of oil per cylinder per hour.

5.5. When can I drive a lawn tractor?

For large lawns, mowing still takes a long time. Your own children or even the neighbors would probably like to do the work for you. But both at

  • Older
  • Place and
  • admission

be careful.

Danger: The lawn tractor may only be moved on the private property. If the vehicle is at a maximum speed of 6 km / h, no driver's license is required. However, the driver must be at least 15 years old. To drive faster lawn tractor is a license of the class L necessary.

5.6. What is the best alternative to the lawn tractor?

Lawn tractor comparison 2018: comparison

A robotic lawnmower is the most comfortable alternative for garden lovers.

A lawn tractor in the test of owners of large lawns shows that the vehicles can perfectly mow large areas of 1,000 m² and over.

Only the high volume through the gasoline engine disturbs the neighbors and the family on the terrace. In addition, the mowing time-consuming and someone must operate the device.

The practical alternative is the modern lawnmower robot, which mows the entire lawn fully automatically and works very quietly with its electric motor.

5.7. Did Stiftung Warentest test lawn tractors?

So far, there is no lawn tractor test by the Stiftung Warentest, only electric lawnmower were taken in March 2014 in more detail.

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