Laying patterns for tiles - more than just design options

If you're thinking of tiling, you probably also think of crossbeams and the classic cross brace. Especially with floor tiles, however, there are far more options for laying. Read more here.

Tiles in the cross dressing are the classic

Cross brace means that both the longitudinal and transverse joints in the tiles meet and are continuous. It is the classic, especially for wall tiles, but also floor tiles are often laid that way. In terms of spatial effect, the cross dressing is rather neutral in floor tiles.

Rectangular tiles can also be laid offset - in half or a third. As a result, rooms often look bigger - but that also depends on the tile format and also on the color and structure of the tiles. By changing the color of the joint, this effect can also be slightly different.

Rarely do you find today the diagonal bandage, where the tiles are laid practically corner to corner. This also works with square, classic tiles, and is occasionally used in modern bathroom designs in the wall area.

Even with tiles in less conspicuous color can be achieved so interesting effects. The wall finish then consists of either half tiles, or an additional frame along the outer edge of the wall or the floor, which visually leads to a reduction in the size of floor tiles, with wall tiles, however, to a more complete wall design.

Try out variants

Especially with floor tiles, you should definitely show the appropriate patterns when buying - you have many options here to achieve many different effects with one and the same tile. In this way, a very individual living space can be achieved.

In order to support your imagination a little, tile dealers offer numerous sample plates, on which the different possible laying patterns can be seen. Take your time with the selection - many optical effects only become apparent if you let the type of laying work on you for a while.

Tips & Tricks

When buying tiles, always pay attention to the quality of the tiles - abrasion resistance class 3 and a corresponding slip resistance should be given for stressed living spaces, even in the bathroom, higher-quality tiles pay off over the years. With the durability that tiles usually have, the slightly higher price often pays off over the years.

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