Make lead glass windows yourself - that's how it works

To make a leaded glass window yourself, you do not necessarily have to be a glazier or attend a course at the Volkshochschule. You can make a leaded glass window yourself with our step by step instructions. Important is some patience and a steady hand to put together lead glass. What else you need for this, we show here.

Step by step make a lead glass window yourself

  • H-lead strips
  • lead rods
  • Glass pieces of different colors
  • solder
  • Cleaning sponge / Salmiak stone
  • narrow steel strips for stabilization
  • soldering iron
  • glass cutter
  • Kröselzange
  • hacksaw
  • Lead loader / fine file
  • white cardboard
  • paper
  • scissors
  • pencil

1. Make a template

Freehand you can hardly make a leaded glass window. You should therefore make a stencil of paper or cardboard. It is ideal if you draw the template twice and cut one apart. Then you have the right templates for glass cutting and for the lead strips.

2. Cut the individual parts

Based on your template you can now cut all parts. You may want to slightly burr the glass on the edges with fine emery cloth. In those places where you want to solder the lead, you should roughen it easily.

3. Preheat and clean the soldering iron

The soldering iron needs to be heated up really well before you can start. With a little solder, the lead pieces are then connected so that the glass is securely enclosed. After each soldering you should clean the tip of the soldering iron on the salmiacite. Mostly the sets today contain a special cleaning sponge instead of a salmiac stone. The stone is, however, much more effective.

4. Pay attention to stability

The bigger the window gets, the heavier the whole construction becomes. Lead can easily give way and bend, so you should use a piece of the steel strip to stabilize every third lead bar that you transversely solder. So the lead can not bend and loosen.

Tips & Tricks

If you have bought a salmia stone, you should protect it from crumbling. The best way to do that is to use a small sheet of lead that you wrap around the stone so that only one side remains free for use. In this way, you have something of the Salmiakstein for decades.

Video Board: Leadlight window repair. Fixing broken glass.