Repair lead glass windows - the step by step guide

Anyone who still has a glass insert with leaded glass somewhere in a window or door would normally like to keep it. But in the course of many years also suffers a leaded glass window. With a little skill, you can solder in new connections yourself or repair a leaded glass window over a large area. Here we show step by step how this is done.

Repair the leaded glass window step by step

  • H-lead strips
  • glass pieces
  • putty
  • solder
  • possibly narrow steel strips
  • soldering iron
  • small iron saw / single saw blade
  • glass cutter
  • Kröselzange
  • Lead loader / fine file
  • wire cutter
  • paper
  • scissors
  • pencil

1. Make a template

Before you can remove the area from the lead glass window that needs to be repaired, you will need to make a template. Place a sheet of paper on the broken area and trace the outline of the glass elements.

2. Saw out the area

You must cut out the defective area very carefully. Depending on how big and how stable the areas are still, it may take a little longer. Do not stumble too much on the elements, as long as they are still firmly connected, you would just destabilize the whole window.

3. Cut glass and lead

Cut all parts in advance according to your template and place them within reach. Otherwise the lead will be cold again and the solder will run away before you can use the next piece of glass.

4. Merge

Put all parts roughly together on the template and check that the lead strips with the H side fit well over the glass elements.

5. Soldering

The lead strips connect you to the solder. Before, the lead at the interfaces should be roughened a bit. With a larger area to repair, it's easier to solder the entire piece together and then integrate it into the old window. Smaller parts can be soldered directly in the window.

Tips & Tricks

Hang the window or door for work and place it on a workbench. It is easier to do this than with a freehand work, otherwise the glass elements will fall off easily. After all, you only have two hands and you can not hold all the pieces.

Video Board: Making a Leaded Glass Panel