A foliage protection for the gutter reduces the cleaning effort

The gutter can be protected with leaves from impurities and blockages. Foliage, branches and bird droppings have no chance to penetrate the drainage system. Different versions and materials are available from specialist dealers.

The different variants and materials

Offered is a gutter siphon that does not let foreign matter through. He is put on the downpipe, tool is not required. The rainwater can flow away unhindered, according to the manufacturer, it is up to 150 liters per minute.

Anyone opting for a gutter grille made of stainless steel, makes a good choice. The grates let the water through and catch the dirt. The material is durable, the thickness is usually 0.7 mm. It can be cut with a tin snips to the desired dimensions.

Common are plastic grids that can be tailored to fit and are perfectly adequate. Visually somewhat more beautiful are aluminum grids. Since the foliage is almost invisible by trapping in the gutter, the appearance but rather plays a minor role.

Decisive for the purchase is, of course, the longevity, because there is stainless steel front, it does not rust and shows little signs of wear. Plastic can become somewhat brittle over the years.

Easy attachment

Leaf guards for the gutter are trapped in the gutter. Especially in terms of UV resistance and durability, you should make sure that no extra mounting material is needed.

In the offer of dealers are also whole leaf catching devices with extra-large volume. These are required when large amounts of foliage occur. Choose the foliage protection according to the conditions and your roof surface.

Gutters foliage protection is

  • retrospectively
  • durable
  • Saves time-consuming cleaning work
  • prevents blockages of the gutter

Prices of Internet providers

A gutter siphon is available for about 13, - Euro, stainless steel gutters cost 5.40 euros per meter, a plastic foliage protection in 3 meters in length costs about 8, - €.

  • westfalia.de has a large selection of gutter leaf guards and accessories.
  • dachdeckermarkt24.de has special grids on offer,
  • dachbaustoffe.de has a leaf guard with perforated plate in the assortment.

Tips & Tricks

When choosing leaf guards for your gutter, make sure you choose the right material. Stainless steel is durable and can be combined with zinc, copper and plastic gutters.

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