Building a pent roof - here are the advantages and disadvantages

Under a pent roof is significantly more space than under a saddle or hipped roof, for example. Skillful planning can not only save you a lot of money with the construction of a pent roof, but also energy.

For the pent roof, planning is crucial

The unilaterally sloped roof, when well-aligned, offers some benefits to its owner. The higher front of the open side can let a lot of light into the rooms.

It is also possible to set up a long balcony that can be used almost all year round. At the same time the balcony serves as a roof over the south terrace.

Building a pent roof - here are the advantages and disadvantages: here

Of course, an orientation to the south is desirable. Thus, the roof side shields wind and cold quite reliably and the homeowner saves electricity and heating costs when the high front stores the heat of the sun and leads into the rooms.

But of course this is a question of the property and a good planning in advance, so that the house is really aligned exactly.

Advantages and disadvantages of the pent roof construction

As with all construction methods, there are of course also in a pent roof some advantages and disadvantages. For example, you almost always have to choose between the sun in the rooms and the sun on a solar system.


  • Lots of living space in the attic
  • Simpler design compared to other designs
  • Rainwater utilization is facilitated
  • Depending on the building orientation solar system particularly effective


  • Sealing more complicated than the saddle or hipped roof
  • Depending on the orientation and angle of inclination strong heat development in the summer months
  • If the roof side is facing north, no solar system possible

Tips & Tricks

If you want to build a penthouse, you should turn it south. Then you have to do without a solar system on the roof, but the gain in living comfort makes up for it.

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