At the pitch roof, the inclination ensures the waterproofness

Depending on which roofing you choose for your pitched roof, a certain inclination must be maintained, so that the roof is really rainproof. If too low a slope is selected, a waterproof under-roof is required for a pent roof.

Inclination at the pent roof

After most descriptions, the roof pitch of a pent roof begins at about eleven degrees. At the top, pent roofs are known to about 60 degrees inclination.

But the eleven degrees are now undercut by numerous pitched roofs. Most roofing companies use waterproof underlays to protect the house from penetrating water.

At the pitch roof, the inclination ensures the waterproofness: roof

Covering determines the required roof pitch

It is always said that a roof should not fall below a roof pitch of 15 degrees. But this statement is not quite correct, because the selected roofing of the roof is crucial for the inclination.

Correct, however, is that when roofing tiles, depending on the type of brick, a watertight or rainproof under-roof may be necessary even at 15 degrees roof pitch. Most tile manufacturers even require a minimum of 22 degrees for the roof, depending on the type of brick.

However, if trapezoidal sheets are used as roofing, usually already a roof pitch from about five degrees. Therefore, before considering which roof pitch you have to comply with, first decide which roofing the house should protect against rain.

Cleaning effect of the water

For reasons of self-interest, a pent roof should not be chosen with a tendency that is too weak. Then you would have to clean the roof namely about twice a year, since the self-cleaning begins only from a certain inclination.

Unfortunately, no general information can be given, because the tendency, from which the self-cleaning of the roof works, also depends on the wave pattern of the roof tile or the trapezoidal sheet metal.

If the waves or valleys are particularly narrow, even a small amount of water can reliably eradicate the moss, leaves and legacy of the birds. But if the water has to spread over a wide channel, it will not receive enough force to wash away the dirt at a low incline.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to install a solar system without additional stand devices on the pitched roof, the inclination should preferably not fall below an angle of about 15 degrees.

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