Flat roof tiles, especially for low roof pitches

Rooftop roofs very often have a very low roof pitch - therefore brick tiles require special bricks. Read more about roof tiles in this article, sources and prices.

Also suitable for flat roof pitches

The roof pitch is an essential criterion for the selection of the appropriate roof tile model. For pitched roofs, there are often very low roof pitches, so not all types of tiles can be used here.

Of course, the ridge tiles on the pitched roof are also different from those of classic pitched roofs and fit exactly to the top of the roof, which is usually slightly overstated.

Flat roof tiles, especially for low roof pitches: roof

The possibilities with the brick shapes are different here, however, also execution, color and surface treatment are variable as with all clay bricks.

Prices of Strandfalzziegeln

As with clay bricks in general, prices are based on size, type of finish and surface treatment. As a rule, prices here start at around 0.90 EUR per piece depending on the brick model and go up to around 1.50 EUR.

Possible shapes for pent roof tiles

  • hollow interlocking tile
  • Surface shape brick
  • also as a typical flat roof tile

Rook roof tiles on the internet

  • dachbaustoffe.de: At this dealer are not only clay tiles, but also some alternatives for the roof cover.
  • koramic.com: The somewhat lesser-known manufacturer offers a wide range of different clay tiles.
  • creaton.de: Creaton is a producer of clay bricks and offers one of the most extensive pallets of different roof tiles.

That way you can save costs

With very low roof pitches, the selection of possible clay tiles is often limited - but here are also some possible alternatives to other materials, some of which can be cheaper.

Let your roofer advise you accordingly, what is possible here.

Sheet roofing on pitched roofs are common, but not always the measure of all things. You can also use many other materials here.

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